Smigg Dirtee - The Resume

Smigg Dirtee – The Resume

December 12, 2006

Download music album The Resume by Smigg Dirtee, released on December 12, 2006. ℗ Black Armor Records

Smigg Dirtee - The Resume

1 Smigg Dirtee Intro 01:39
2 Smigg Dirtee, AP9, I-Rocc, Messy Marv Gangsta 03:41
3 Smigg Dirtee, Mistah Fab Rush 03:46
4 Smigg Dirtee, A-Wax, Dutch Bay Rider Gang 03:26
5 Smigg Dirtee, CG, The Team Follow My Lead 03:29
6 Smigg Dirtee, Balance, Rick Moss Get That Dough 04:16
7 Smigg Dirtee, C-Bo, Killa Tay Yey Yey 03:44
8 Smigg Dirtee, A-Wax, I-Rocc Live This Life 04:55
9 Smigg Dirtee, 80 West, Hollow Tip My Town 02:56
10 Smigg Dirtee, Rick Moss, Taydatay My Block 04:09
11 Smigg Dirtee, Flip Loc, Luni Coleone, Young Hogg Ride 2nite 04:02
12 Smigg Dirtee, CG, Dirteeboy Jr, Boog Cant Love U That Way 03:37
13 Smigg Dirtee, Jack D, Mary Jane Junkeez I Got 04:53
14 Smigg Dirtee, The A-Team Its Like That 03:56
15 Smigg Dirtee, T-Nutty Blocc Sh*t 03:28
16 Smigg Dirtee, Daz Dillinger, I-Rocc What We Go Through 03:34
17 Smigg Dirtee, A-Wax, DJ Kay Slay, Noose 3 16’s 02:05
18 Smigg Dirtee, B-Legit, Devious, Luni Coleone Last Dance 05:16
19 Smigg Dirtee, Dirteeboy Jr, Boog Nobody Disses Me 04:33
20 Smigg Dirtee Industry/In Da Streetz 03:18
21 Smigg Dirtee So Good 02:59

Album info

“The Resume” by Smigg Dirtee, released on December 12, 2006, under Black Armor Records, serves as a comprehensive overview of an artist steeped in the multiple dimensions of West Coast rap. Showcasing a mix of Thug Rap, Gangsta, and Hyphy styles, the album bridges the diverse sonic landscapes that have come to define California’s Hip Hop culture.

Smigg Dirtee starts things off with an aptly named “Intro,” a brief 1:39 track that sets the tone for a journey through his sonic resume. This compilation features an impressive list of collaborators, from veterans like C-Bo and Daz Dillinger to rising talents like Mistah Fab. The artist navigates effortlessly through various rap sub-genres, offering listeners a complete package of what the West Coast has to offer.

In tracks like “Gangsta,” featuring AP9, I-Rocc, and Messy Marv, the hardcore elements of Gangsta rap are vividly portrayed. “Rush,” featuring Mistah Fab, dabbles in the Hyphy movement, capturing the energetic, free-spirited vibe of the Bay Area. “Bay Rider Gang,” featuring A-Wax and Dutch, adds yet another layer, tapping into the cultural melting pot that California’s rap scene has become.

The album also showcases Smigg Dirtee’s versatility in tracks like “Live This Life” and “My Town,” reflecting the grim realities and braggadocious elements inherent in Thug Rap. The latter track, featuring 80 West and Hollow Tip, offers an anthem for local pride, capturing the essence of community in the urban landscape.

Smigg Dirtee himself serves as the Coordinator and is listed as the Executive-Producer along with Big Roc, underlining his role in the album’s overall vision. Released under the full aegis of Black Armor Records, from copyright to distribution, “The Resume” marks a significant point in Smigg Dirtee’s career, one where he consolidates his diverse range into a cohesive portfolio.

The album’s bonus tracks, such as “Nobody Disses Me” and “So Good,” add an extra layer of depth, making “The Resume” more than just a collection of songs—it’s a statement, a summation of Smigg Dirtee’s multifaceted approach to rap, curated meticulously to offer listeners an insight into the dynamic complexities of West Coast Hip Hop.

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