A-Wax, born Aaron Doppie, is a West Coast rapper who found his passion for hip-hop at a young age. However, his style evolved during a five-year prison sentence for manslaughter at the age of 16. Throughout his time behind bars, A-Wax honed his skills by writing pages of rhymes, determined to become a better rapper upon his release.

After his release from prison, A-Wax pursued his dream by releasing his debut album “Savage Timez” in 2001. Defined by its gritty rhymes and raw stories of prison life, the album garnered regional success. A-Wax tirelessly worked on new music, releasing albums, making guest appearances, and even starting his own label, Pie-Rx Recordz. Early in his career, he collaborated with renowned artists like The Game and Baby Bash.

Throughout the 2000s, A-Wax released a plethora of albums and mixtapes, including “65 G’z in a Jordan Briefcase” (2002), “Thug Deluxe” (2004), “Unconditional Thug” (2007), and “The Street Album” (2009). His street-minded gangsta rap, inspired by the ’90s hip-hop legends, evolved over time, reflecting both the changing music landscape and his personal experiences.

By the time “Pullin’ Strings” was released in 2014, A-Wax had been rapping independently for nearly 20 years. Introspective themes and weathered experiences began to infiltrate his music. Deeply influenced by his upbringing in Bay Area gang life, A-Wax’s career saw numerous conflicts with other hip-hop artists, some of which inspired his ever-growing catalog.

A-Wax’s relentless pace continued with releases like “EverLasting Money” (2015), “Pushin’ Keyz” (2016), and “Ova East,” a 2017 collaborative effort with GMEBE Bandz. A-Wax’s remarkable journey serves as a testament to his dedication and evolution as an artist, making him a respected figure in the world of hip-hop.

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