T-Nutty - The Nutt Factor Project

T-Nutty – The Nutt Factor Project

Download music album The Nutt Factor Project by T-Nutty, released on April 26, 2005. ℗ Black Armor Records / Nutt Factor Muzicc

T-Nutty - The Nutt Factor Project

1 T-Nutty, Fury, Young Bop On My Mind 04:18
2 T-Nutty I Need My Bread 03:29
3 T-Nutty, Marvaless, Lil Face Let Em Have It 03:21
4 T-Nutty She Let Me Hittem 03:46
5 Ron Dre, Skari, Lil T-Nutty 2, Lady Taz, Indo, Lil Face One By One 04:45
6 T-Nutty, Lady Menace, Hannabull Savin’ Out 04:11
7 T-Nutty, Lil Face City Of Colors 04:14
8 T-Nutty, Sav Sicc, Bleezo Rap Attack 04:14
9 Tangaray, Key Loc, Marvaless, T-Nutty, No Love Original 05:38
10 Mafia, Young Bop, C4, A-Train, T-Nutty The Break Down 05:14
11 Young Bop You Don’t Know Me 03:49
12 T-Nutty, A.C., No Love Big Homie 03:51
13 T-Nutty, Chuck Beez, GP, Young Sav Sracpe Sumthin 04:24
14 Sav Sicc I Can’t Hold Bacc 04:04
15 Sav Sicc, Young Bop, Bleezo, T-Nutty What They Don’t See 05:30
16 Key Loc For My Blocc Ni**az 04:30

Album info

Unveiled in 2005 under the labels Black Armor Records and Nutt Factor Muzicc, “The Nutt Factor Project” is a compelling compilation featuring T-Nutty at the helm. The album delves into the essence of gangsta rap with the Sacramento-native rapper leading a posse of artists to express narratives rich in urban experiences, street philosophies, and unabashed lyricism.

The opening track, “On My Mind,” immediately sets the stage with T-Nutty joined by Fury and Young Bop, weaving through mental landscapes tinged with introspection and anticipation. As the album progresses, the urgency only grows, evident in tracks like “I Need My Bread,” which underscores the struggle for financial stability in a turbulent world.

“Let Em Have It,” featuring Marvaless and Lil Face, is a no-holds-barred lyrical show, confronting listeners with the realities of life on the streets. The beats intensify, and the messages are distilled to their rawest forms. “She Let Me Hittem” offers a momentary break, diving into relationships with a slightly lighter tone, though never abandoning the overarching themes of the project.

The ensemble track “One By One,” features an array of artists like Ron Dre, Skari, Lady Taz, and Lil T-Nutty 2, each adding their unique shades to a complex sonic canvas. “Savin’ Out,” and “City of Colors,” serve as a heartfelt homage to the neighborhoods that shaped T-Nutty, while “Rap Attack” is a lyrical bombardment featuring Sav Sicc and Bleezo.

As the album reaches its latter half, the collaborative efforts on “Original,” and “The Break Down” showcase a synergy that transcends individual talents. The multiple producers and artists involved in the project only amplify its scope, each contributing to the holistic experience that T-Nutty aims to provide.

Mastered by Larry Funk and executive-produced by T-Nutty and Big Roc The General, the album is a testament to what can be achieved when multiple creative minds join forces. From start to finish, “The Nutt Factor Project” is more than just an album; it’s a narrative experience that plunges the listener into the depths of gangsta rap, offering a slice of life that is as brutal as it is poetic.

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