Bishop Shakur, also known as AP.9, is an American rapper born in Oakland, California, and currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. AP.9 has experienced numerous brushes with the law, including incarceration, and has been shot 12 times. Despite these challenges, he has successfully released several albums both as a solo artist and as part of various groups, including Mob Figaz.

AP.9 began his music career in the early 2000s and quickly gained recognition for his raw and gritty lyrics that reflected his life experiences. He released his debut album, “Headshotz,” in 2001 and soon followed it up with “World-Wide Mob Figa” in 2002. In addition to his solo work, AP.9 has collaborated with other artists, such as Scoob Nitty and Gonzoe, to release albums like “Codenames” and “Kartel Kalifornia.”

As a member of the group Mob Figaz, AP.9 has contributed to several albums that showcase their unique sound and compelling storytelling. He has also appeared on an episode of A&E’s Inked, where he got his famous “Mob Figaz” tattoo. AP.9’s extensive discography includes over 30 releases, including albums, singles, EPs, and compilations. Some of his notable albums include “Military Mindstate,” “Body Shotz,” “Respect My Gangsta,” and “I Am Legend.”

As one of the most resilient and talented artists in the rap industry, AP.9 continues to make an impact on listeners with his powerful storytelling and authentic lyrical prowess.

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