Todd Jones Jr., better known by his stage name T-Nutty, is an American rapper hailing from Sacramento, California. Recognized for his unique flow and lyricism, T-Nutty has also earned the nicknames “The Flowmastermouth” and “The Last of the Flo Heakinz.” T-Nutty’s career in the hip hop scene began in 2002, and he has since been a prominent figure in the west coast hip hop and gangsta rap genres.

T-Nutty’s discography is extensive, with multiple solo albums such as “Last of the Floheakinz” (2003), “Flowmastermouth: West Walkin'” (2004), “The Nutt Factor Project” (2005), “Raw From Da Jaw Chapter 3” (2008), “Perfect Attendance (Best of)” (2010), and “Return of the Floheakin” (2018). In addition to his solo work, T-Nutty has collaborated with various artists on joint projects, including Big Rocc on “State 2 State” (2006), Big NoLove 69EC on “Lyrical Octane” (2005), and Messy Marv on “Tha 2nd & 3rd Letter” (2009).

T-Nutty’s talents have also been showcased on albums by other prominent artists, such as Tech N9ne’s “Misery Loves Kompany” and “K.O.D.” His diverse collaborations and dedication to his craft have cemented T-Nutty’s position as a respected figure in the hip hop community.

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