T-Nutty - Flowmastermouth

T-Nutty – Flowmastermouth

Download music album Flowmastermouth by T-Nutty, released on January 27, 2004. ℗ Black Armor Records / Nutt Factor Musicc

T-Nutty - Flowmastermouth

1 T-Nutty Simple Statement 03:11
2 T-Nutty Flowmastermouth 04:55
3 T-Nutty, Big Hollis, Bad Business Cali Boyz 03:40
4 T-Nutty Ain´t That About A B!@#% 05:08
5 T-Nutty, Young Bop, Mississippi, Tanguray After Tonite 04:26
6 T-Nutty, Young Bop, Hurricaine Insane, Sav Sicc, Bleezot Mic Check 05:06
7 T-Nutty Nutt Factors Up 04:29
8 T-Nutty High Times 02:00
9 T-Nutty, Marvaless Tip Toe 04:09
10 T-Nutty, Rossi Ni@@a Wit Game 04:57
11 T-Nutty, The Jacka Black Armor 03:45
12 T-Nutty West Walkin´ 03:52
13 T-Nutty, Sav Sicc When The Chop Starts Poppin´ 04:23
14 T-Nutty Today´s A Gift 03:56
15 T-Nutty Sac Kingz 04:27
16 T-Nutty, Fat Tone Controversy 03:03
17 T-Nutty Bonus Tracks (Nutt Factorz) 04:27

Album info

Dropping a year after his seminal work, “The Last of the Floheakinz,” T-Nutty’s “Flowmastermouth,” released on March 9, 2004, through Black Armor Records and Nutt Factor Musicc, elevates his established status in the Gangsta Rap landscape. A quintessentially Sacramentan offering, the album reverberates with the city’s gritty pulse and leverages T-Nutty’s skillful wordplay and flow, echoing his moniker “The Flowmastermouth.”

The opening track, “Simple Statement,” is a declaration of intent, setting the stage for an album that swings between life’s extremes. This is followed by the eponymous track “Flowmastermouth,” which serves as the project’s centerpiece, highlighting T-Nutty’s linguistic gymnastics and intricate rhyming schemes.

“Cali Boyz,” featuring Big Hollis and Bad Business, is an homage to the Golden State, blending diverse regional rap influences into a singular California sound. “Ain’t That About A B!@#%” stands out for its raw examination of social issues, wrapped up in T-Nutty’s unique slang and metaphors.

Tracks like “After Tonite,” featuring Young Bop, Mississippi, and Tanguray, and “Mic Check,” featuring an ensemble of local talents, offer a panoramic view of Sacramento’s rap scene, adding multiple perspectives to T-Nutty’s narrative.

In “High Times,” T-Nutty gets introspective, providing a space for listeners to dwell on life’s highs and lows. This theme gets intensified in tracks like “Tip Toe” featuring Marvaless and “Ni@@a Wit Game” featuring Rossi, where the juxtaposition of life’s struggles and fleeting victories are discussed over hard-hitting beats.

“Black Armor,” featuring The Jacka, and “West Walkin'” are stellar examples of T-Nutty’s allegiance to his roots and his ability to collaborate seamlessly. T-Nutty closes the album with “Controversy,” featuring Fat Tone, a poignant reminder of the paradoxical world he comes from, laced with social critique.

Executive produced by Big Roc and coordinated by T-Nutty himself, the album is a balanced blend of solo performances and collaborations, masterfully weaved to create a holistic sonic story. “Flowmastermouth” not only solidifies T-Nutty’s place in the annals of gangsta rap but also stands as a musical monument to Sacramento’s complex social and cultural tapestry.

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