Various - Black Armor Records Presents The Best Kept Secretz Vol. 1

Various – Black Armor Records Presents The Best Kept Secretz Vol. 1

July 9, 2002

Download music album Black Armor Records Presents The Best Kept Secretz Vol.1 by Various, released on July 9, 2002. ℗ Black Armor Records

Various - Black Armor Records Presents The Best Kept Secretz Vol. 1

1 Essex The Red Skin Mighty Armor 01:53
2 Askari X Scared 2 Die 04:40
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3 C.O. Tha Bad Black, Money, Soundmaster “T” T.I.P. 03:42
4 C-Bo, Young Noble, Yukmouth The Best Kept Secret 04:08
5 Cold Hard, Gzus, Jarista Good Game 04:16
6 Various The Big Picture (Skit) 00:37
7 Venomous Nails Big Footed 04:09
8 Lon Don, Johnny P Gangsta Shit 04:10
9 Phenom, Isa Starr Willie Snotbox 05:21
10 Various Big Rock (Skit) 00:05
11 AP.9, EDI, Keak Da’ Sneak, T-Nutty Nut Love The Game To Death 03:13
12 Various Wanted Be (Skit) 00:11
13 Kam Benifits 03:41
14 Various Game Recognize Game (Skit) 00:38
15 Brotha Lynch Hung Sick Shit 04:19
16 JT The Bigga Figga, San Quinn Eyes On The Street 03:34
17 24th Street Menace Neva Stop 04:00
18 Various Big Kid Boots (Skit) 00:14
19 C-Lim, Bad Azz, Big Syke Killa Cali 04:29
20 Killa Tay, K.G. Under Pressure 04:44
21 Freako aka King Urban Livin’ 04:48
22 Various Soldiers At War Anthem (Skit) 00:05
23 Cold Hard, Gzus, Killa C, Land Mine, Shotgun, Slim Who Am I? 06:26

Album info

Released in 2002 under the label Black Armor Records, “The Best Kept Secretz Vol.1” is a compilation album that serves as a vivid tableau of the American Gangsta and G-Funk Hip Hop scenes at the turn of the millennium. This compilation features a variety of performers and contributors, making it a kaleidoscopic tour through the gritty yet soulful landscape of the genre.

The album opens with “Mighty Armor,” a potent track performed by Essex The Red Skin that sets the tone for the record. It dives headfirst into darker themes with “Scared 2 Die” by Askari X, and then offers a collaborative effort in “T.I.P.,” featuring Money and Soundmaster “T,” performed by C.O. Tha Bad Black.

One of the album’s highlights is “The Best Kept Secret,” which boasts performances from rap heavyweights C-Bo, Young Noble, and Yukmouth. This track serves as the album’s manifesto, lyrically and musically embodying its title. “Good Game” by Cold Hard, Gzus, and Jarista and “Big Footed” by Venomous Nails further add depth to the album’s diverse narratives.

Highly regarded for their lyrical abilities, Brotha Lynch Hung and JT The Bigga Figga make notable appearances in “Sick Shit” and “Eyes On The Street,” respectively. Both tracks offer a mix of storytelling and raw, emotive rapping that has been synonymous with the genre.

Interspersed with skits like “The Big Picture” and “Big Rock,” the album delivers comic relief without diluting its hardcore essence. The album rounds out with “Under Pressure,” featuring K.G. and performed by Killa Tay, and “Urban Livin'” by Freako aka King, capturing the constant tension and resilience characteristic of urban life.

The production, mostly helmed by K.G., is crisp, allowing each artist to bring their best. Executive-produced by Big Roc, the album comes together as a cohesive project that successfully showcases the spectrum of Gangsta and G-Funk styles.

In conclusion, “Black Armor Records Presents The Best Kept Secretz Vol.1” is more than just a compilation; it’s a vital snapshot of the era, capturing the ethos and artistry of the time in a compelling manner. With its diverse lineup and seamless production, this album indeed lives up to its name as one of the ‘best-kept secrets’ in Hip Hop.

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