T-Nutty - The Last Of The Floheakinz

T-Nutty – The Last Of The Floheakinz

Download music album The Last Of The Floheakinz by T-Nutty, released on March 25, 2003. ℗ Murder Creek Music / Nutt Factor Musicc

T-Nutty - The Last Of The Floheakinz

1 T-Nutty The First Blow 02:02
2 T-Nutty, Bop Flowheecanz 03:48
3 T-Nutty Nutty Nite 03:46
4 T-Nutty, Hollow Tip Strugglin 04:17
5 T-Nutty, Snoop Dogg, Young Bop Do It Heavey 03:31
6 T-Nutty Swang Tha Azz 03:20
7 T-Nutty No Love 04:37
8 T-Nutty My Babies 04:28
9 T-Nutty My Shoes 04:41
10 T-Nutty Strapped Down 06:04
11 T-Nutty, Keak Da Sneak Sneaky 04:22
12 T-Nutty, Irocc, Messy Marv Make It Happen 03:54
13 T-Nutty, AP.9 F8%k You Ni@@az 03:49
14 T-Nutty Battle Rap 03:58
15 T-Nutty Deadly Games 03:58
16 T-Nutty, Beezy Break It Off 04:01
17 T-Nutty Young Nutt Factor 03:48
18 T-Nutty, Young Bop Chicken With Feathers 03:57
19 T-Nutty Dont Floss 04:15

Album info

Released in 2003 under the labels Murder Creek Music and Nutt Factor Musicc, T-Nutty’s “The Last of the Floheakinz” serves as a cornerstone in the West Coast Gangsta Rap scene, particularly representing Sacramento’s unique hip-hop identity. The album is an audacious blend of raw lyricism and innovative beats, stitched together by T-Nutty’s signature flow, hence aptly deemed “The Flowmastermouth.”

Opening with “The First Blow,” produced by King 4 Nutt Factor, the album sets a tone of aggressive ambition, both thematically and musically. The following track “Flowheecanz,” featuring Bop, stands as a testament to T-Nutty’s skill, with a pulsating beat that serves as a canvas for his complex rhymes.

Tracks like “Strugglin,” featuring Hollow Tip, and “Do It Heavey,” featuring Snoop Dogg and Young Bop, venture into collaborative territories, offering a diversified sonic experience. Produced by Sean T for Dallas Squad, these tracks delve deep into the struggles and ambitions that shape life in the underbelly of Sacramento.

The track “No Love” adds emotional depth to the project. Produced by Sean T, it paints a vivid picture of the harsh realities and emotional complexities that come with street life. This theme of harsh reality is further explored in “My Babies” and “My Shoes,” produced by KP 4 True Trax, offering a closer look at personal vulnerabilities and life choices.

Collaborations like “Sneaky” featuring Keak Da Sneak and “Make It Happen” featuring Irocc and Messy Marv add another layer of regional representation, each artist contributing their own stylistic flavors to the overall narrative.

“Deadly Games” and “Don’t Floss” serve as a culmination of the album’s themes, encapsulating the risks and rewards that come with life in the streets. The production by Sean T and KG, respectively, is complementary to the lyrical substance, making these tracks unforgettable.

Mastered at Freq Mastering and manufactured by Dungeon Replication, “The Last of the Floheakinz” stands as an authentic portrayal of T-Nutty’s life experiences and his affiliation with the 24th St. Garden Blocc Crips. The project offers not just music, but an intimate understanding of a very specific time, place, and way of life, making it an invaluable addition to the Gangsta Rap canon.

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