Charles Kente Bowens, better known by his stage name Keak da Sneak, was born on October 21, 1977, in Brewton, Alabama, and later moved to Oakland, California. Keak da Sneak is an American rapper who rose to prominence for his unique gravelly voice, coining the term “hyphy” in 1994, and his significant contributions to the hyphy movement.

As a child, Keak da Sneak found popularity while attending Allendale Elementary School and later showcased his talents in theater at Bret Harte Junior High. It was during this time that he met his future collaborator Agerman. When Keak was 15 years old, he and Agerman formed the rap duo Dual Committee. Their first recorded performances appeared on tracks like “Murder Man” and “Stompin in My Steel Toes” on C-BO’s 1994 EP, The Autopsy.

Keak da Sneak later signed as a solo artist with Sacramento-based Moe Doe Records, leading to increased radio airplay. He joined rapper B.A. to form the group 3X Krazy, releasing several albums and gaining national attention with their single “Keep It on the Real.” The group disbanded eventually, and Keak da Sneak pursued a solo career.

Keak achieved mainstream success in 2004 with the song “Super Hyphy.” His 2006 collaboration with E-40, “Tell Me When to Go,” also gained national attention. Throughout his career, Keak da Sneak has released nearly 20 albums and several mixtapes, collaborating with artists like E-40, Daz Dillinger, Akon, MC Hammer, Mac Dre, Prodigy, Alchemist, Blac Chyna, G-Eazy, DJ Vlad, Kafani, and Lil Wayne.

Keak da Sneak has faced personal struggles, including surviving a shooting that left him paralyzed and a legal battle that resulted in a 16-month state custody sentence. Today, he continues to create music and remains an influential figure in the hip-hop community.

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