T-Nutty & DJ Fresh - The Tonite Show (Channel 24st) With T-Nutty

T-Nutty & DJ Fresh – The Tonite Show (Channel 24st) With T-Nutty

November 22, 2011

Download music album The Tonite Show (Channel 24st) With T-Nutty by T-Nutty & DJ Fresh, released on November 22, 2011. ℗ Nutt Factor Musicc

T-Nutty & DJ Fresh - The Tonite Show (Channel 24st) With T-Nutty

1 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh The Tonite Show With T-Nutty!!! (Intro) 00:12
2 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh Channel 24st 03:07
3 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh Wake Shit Up 02:42
4 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh, C-Bo Nutty Man (Murda Man 2K) 02:53
5 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh Criptonite 03:34
6 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh Young Criminals 03:24
7 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh Whoopty Wop 03:01
8 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh, Jac Thrilla, T Mayne I’mma Rydah 03:51
9 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh, Mitchy Slick, Shady Nate Cuzblood (Remix) 03:41
10 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh, Dubb 20, Smigg Dirtee The Truth 03:45
11 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh, Younglifes He’s On Fire 03:35
12 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh, Dubb 20, Philthy Rich Rep Yo Shit 03:39
13 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh, J Stalin Santa Claus To The Smokers 04:05
14 T-Nutty, DJ Fresh Outro 00:19

Album info

Unveiled in 2011 under the Nutt Factor Musicc label, “The Tonite Show (Channel 24st) With T-Nutty” brings two powerhouses of the hip-hop world together: T-Nutty and DJ Fresh. The album, dripping with gangsta style, serves as a powerful conduit for the gritty tales and beats that both artists are celebrated for. The fourteen-track offering is a compelling tapestry of street narratives, lyrical expertise, and production mastery that deserves a spot in any hip-hop aficionado’s collection.

The project opens with “The Tonite Show With T-Nutty!!! (Intro),” a quick precursor that sets the tone for the album, prepping the audience for the raw energy to come. This flows smoothly into “Channel 24st,” produced by Mr. Tower, which serves as a prologue to the musical drama about to unfold.

“Criptonite” and “Wake Shit Up” stand out for their production quality, with DJ Fresh’s expertise shining through. Both tracks exhibit a seamless blend of beats and lyrics that create a hypnotic experience for listeners. In “Nutty Man (Murda Man 2K),” T-Nutty collaborates with hip-hop veteran C-Bo over a beat crafted by DJ Fresh and Mike Mosley, further elevating the album’s appeal.

“Whoopty Wop” and “I’mma Rydah” stick to the core ethos of the gangsta genre, delving into tales of street life, loyalty, and struggle. The production by Nutt Factor Musicc complements the raw lyrical delivery, adding layers of complexity to these tracks.

“Rep Yo Shit,” featuring Dubb 20 and Philthy Rich, adds a level of bravado to the album, capturing the essence of what it means to represent one’s turf. “Santa Claus To The Smokers,” featuring J Stalin and produced by DJ Fresh, brings a unique, thematic end to the album’s content before culminating in the “Outro.”

Mixed and mastered by TD Camp, with artwork and photography by Bellicose Design, “The Tonite Show (Channel 24st) With T-Nutty” is a finely-crafted project that speaks to the essence of gangsta rap. Executive-produced by Nutt Factor Musicc and The Whole Shabang, this album is an audacious testament to the ever-evolving genre of hip-hop, affirming that T-Nutty and DJ Fresh are forces to be reckoned with.

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