Luni Coleone - Anger Management: The Re-Up

Luni Coleone – Anger Management: The Re-Up

Download music album Anger Management: The Re-Up by Luni Coleone, released on October 3, 2006. ℗ Paid In Full Entertainment

Luni Coleone - Anger Management: The Re-Up

1 Luni Coleone, Flip Loc Intro 02:20
2 Luni Coleone, Beta Bossalini, DODO The Life That I Live 03:34
3 Young Droop, Beta Bossalini, DODO Perfect Timin’ 04:06
4 Luni Coleone, I-Rocc, Young Hogg, DODO All Talkin’ Is Thru 03:37
5 Tha S.I.D.A.Z. That’s How I Thug 04:25
6 Luni Coleone Young Fierce, Fusion At Night 03:59
7 Rydah, I-Rocc, Young Hogg, DODO Keep It Gangsta 04:07
8 Luni Coleone, Tha S.I.D.A.Z. Get Back 05:18
9 Hollow Tip, AP.9, Young Hogg, Flip Loc Here We Come 04:00
10 Luni Coleone, J. Diggs, Beta Bossalini, DODO, Flip Loc, Silky P My Own 04:10
11 Boss Hogg Next Thang Happenin’ 03:57
12 Luni Coleone, Young Hogg, Smigg Dirtee, Flip Loc Ride Tonite 04:02
13 Young Hollywood, Beta Bossalini Sicker Than Average 04:18
14 Luni Coleone, AP.9, Tha S.I.D.A.Z. On’Em Like Shirts 04:33
15 Bolo Nick, So Fast Ride, Ride 02:58
16 C-Bo, AP.9, C-Style Go Against Me 03:21
17 Luni Coleone, Bolo Nick, Str8 Lace Shake The Dice 04:18
18 Beta Bossalini, DODO Pen & Paper = Danger 03:38
19 Paul Mussan Put You In The Line 03:45
20 Luni Coleone, I-Rocc, Beta Bossalini, Macnificent, Flip Loc, Silky P A Different Life 04:23

Album info

“Anger Management: The Re-Up” is a compilation album by Luni Coleone, released under the Paid In Full Entertainment label on October 3, 2006. This compilation explores the Thug Rap, Gangsta, and Hyphy styles of Hip Hop, with Luni Coleone offering a rich array of tracks that bring together a constellation of established and upcoming artists in the genre.

The album’s production is a collaborative effort involving multiple producers, each adding a distinct flavor to the tracks they worked on. Baby Bubb, The Jetsons, GLS, Versatile, Dilemma, J Boog, Evan, Syko, Boss Hogg, Slick Rick, Mr. Sleep, Mark Sparks, and Flip Loc all contribute their production skills to the compilation.

The opening track, “Intro,” features Luni Coleone and Flip Loc, setting the tone for the rest of the album with an explosive start. Flip Loc not only provides his rap skills to this track but also serves as a producer for several other tracks in the album.

“The Life That I Live,” featuring Beta Bossalini and DODO, is a standout track, offering a reflection of street life over a beat produced by Baby Bubb. Similarly, “Perfect Timin'” featuring Young Droop, Beta Bossalini, and DODO, delivers punchy verses over a catchy rhythm courtesy of The Jetsons.

The compilation features a wide range of voices, including those of established artists like C-Bo and AP.9, and up-and-coming talent like Young Hogg and Smigg Dirtee. Each artist brings their unique flair to their respective track, creating a diverse sonic landscape that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish.

Standout tracks like “At Night,” “Keep It Gangsta,” “My Own,” and “Ride Tonite” showcase the gritty, raw energy that is characteristic of Luni Coleone’s style. These tracks, along with others like “Sicker Than Average” and “Go Against Me,” effectively encapsulate the Thug Rap, Gangsta, and Hyphy styles of Hip Hop, offering listeners an authentic taste of these sub-genres.

The album concludes with “A Different Life,” a track that features Luni Coleone, I-Rocc, Beta Bossalini, Macnificent, Flip Loc, and Silky P. This final track leaves a lasting impression, wrapping up the album on a high note with its compelling narrative and infectious rhythm.

Throughout “Anger Management: The Re-Up,” Luni Coleone presents a collection of tracks that showcase his skill as an artist while also spotlighting the talents of his collaborators. The compilation serves as a testament to the vitality and diversity of the Thug Rap, Gangsta, and Hyphy styles of Hip Hop, making it a must-listen for fans of these genres.

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