T-Nutty - Raw From Da Jaw

T-Nutty – Raw From Da Jaw

August 12, 2008

Download music album Raw From Da Jaw by T-Nutty, released on August 12, 2008. ℗ Nutt Factor Musicc

T-Nutty - Raw From Da Jaw

1 T-Nutty Intro 02:32
2 T-Nutty He’s Bacc 03:40
3 T-Nutty Spit That 05:04
4 T-Nutty I’m That Ni@@a #2 04:36
5 T-Nutty, Mississippi Pillow Talk 03:10
6 T-Nutty Iz Dat Yo B*tch 05:09
7 T-Nutty, Faith Jones, Julianna Jones, Talon Jones Gas Face 03:55
8 T-Nutty My Reason 04:55
9 T-Nutty I’m In Air 04:28
10 T-Nutty Comin Straight From The Bottom 04:29
11 T-Nutty, Young Bop, Jacc Thrilla Boom 04:16
12 T-Nutty, C-Bo Hood Sh*t 03:37
13 T-Nutty, Key Loom, Messy Marv Loyalty 04:12
14 T-Nutty On Tha Grind 04:17
15 T-Nutty I’m A Factor 02:13

Album info

Unveiled in 2008 under the Nutt Factor Musicc label, “Raw From Da Jaw” is a seminal work from T-Nutty that stands as an authentic chronicle of his journey through life and hip-hop. The album offers a raw, unfiltered look into T-Nutty’s worldview, set against the backdrop of rhythmic beats and masterful production by K.G.

The album kicks off with an “Intro” that serves as an audio manifesto, setting the stage for what’s to come. “He’s Bacc” follows up with an assertive tone, announcing T-Nutty’s reentry into the hip-hop landscape. One of the standout tracks, “Spit That,” is a lyrical spectacle that showcases his command over the art of storytelling and rhyme schemes. It is a testament to T-Nutty’s prowess as an emcee, setting a high bar early on.

Tracks like “Pillow Talk” and “Iz Dat Yo B*tch” explore relationships and loyalty, often critiquing the falsehoods and pretenses people hide behind. These tracks break away from the usual bragging and boasting to offer a more nuanced understanding of interpersonal dynamics.

T-Nutty doesn’t shy away from reflecting on his struggles and ambitions. “My Reason” delves into the motivations that drive him, whereas “Comin Straight From The Bottom” serves as an anthem for anyone who has had to claw their way up from difficult circumstances. The track “Boom” is a high-energy assertion of his impact in the game, compelling listeners to take notice.

Concluding with “I’m A Factor,” T-Nutty establishes that he’s not just a part of the game, but a key element in it, deserving of recognition and respect. Throughout the album, the production by K.G. seamlessly blends with T-Nutty’s delivery, enhancing the overall experience.

“Raw From Da Jaw” is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a biographical sketch that depicts the complexities, triumphs, and tribulations of T-Nutty’s life. For those who appreciate hip-hop that provides both a narrative and a beat to nod your head to, this album is a must-listen.

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