Sumthin' Terrible - U Stupid

Sumthin’ Terrible – U Stupid

February 19, 2008

Download music album U Stupid by Sumthin’ Terrible, released on February 19, 2008. ℗ Stupid Ent

Sumthin' Terrible - U Stupid

1 Sumthin’ Terrible Intro 01:48
2 Sumthin’ Terrible, E-40, Keak Tha Sneak U Stupid Remix 02:50
3 Sumthin’ Terrible, J.Gib Dollaz In My Pocket 03:08
4 Sumthin’ Terrible, Lil Retro, Keak Tha Sneak Im Da Nigga 03:18
5 Sumthin’ Terrible, Doitmovin, Peanut Fly Guy 03:33
6 Sumthin’ Terrible, San Quinn Gon Girl 03:11
7 Sumthin’ Terrible Hustle Gangsta 03:50
8 Sumthin’ Terrible, Messy Marv 1 Hunit 03:59
9 Doitmovin Go Bananas 02:48
10 Bueno, Dubb 20 Wat U Know Bout Me 03:48
11 Sumthin’ Terrible, 50 Keez Do It 4 Da Mobb 04:14
12 Sumthin’ Terrible, Mobb Figgaz Im Ridah 04:25
13 Sumthin’ Terrible Suga Coating 03:27
14 J.Gib Hustle Anthem 04:09
15 Sumthin’ Terrible, Sky Balla How U Stunt 04:13
16 Sumthin’ Terrible, Zo U Know The Style 02:22
17 Slept Rock Wats Happenin 03:17
18 Phasho U And Me 03:21
19 Fendi Boyz, Dubee Drank Dank And Pillz 03:07
20 Sumthin’ Terrible My Child 04:13
21 Sumthin’ Terrible, Mistah F.A.B. Im A Owner 04:17
22 Phasho, Choppah Da Hookman Say This Say That 03:50

Album info

In 2008, the Sacramento-based rap collective Sumthin’ Terrible added another groundbreaking project to their discography with “U Stupid,” released under Stupid Ent. The album runs the gamut from lyrical bravado to gritty street narratives, setting itself apart with a myriad of high-profile collaborations that amplify its impact and reach.

The album kicks off with a powerful intro that serves as a prelude to the sonic journey that follows. “U Stupid Remix,” featuring Bay Area heavyweights E-40 and Keak Tha Sneak, is a dynamic track that encapsulates the spirit of the album. This remix becomes an anthem for the audacious and the defiant, setting the tone for what’s to come.

Tracks like “Dollaz In My Pocket” featuring J.Gib and “Im Da Nigga” with Lil Retro and Keak Tha Sneak offer a peek into the high-stakes hustle and grind that defines the crew’s ethos. Sumthin’ Terrible’s ability to switch between heavy bass lines and more subtle beats is evident, offering something for every kind of hip-hop aficionado.

Collaborations with established artists like San Quinn on “Gon Girl” and Messy Marv on “1 Hunit” elevate the album’s credibility, seamlessly blending the crew’s unique style with other significant voices in the genre. “Do It 4 Da Mobb,” featuring 50 Keez, stands out as a tribute to the collectivism and loyalty that underpin the crew’s identity.

In tracks like “Suga Coating” and “My Child,” Sumthin’ Terrible shifts the narrative to more introspective themes, revealing the complexity and nuance behind their boisterous exterior. The inclusion of guest verses from the likes of Mistah F.A.B. in “Im A Owner” and Sky Balla in “How U Stunt” adds a layer of depth and stylistic diversity to the project.

Ending with the reflective “Say This Say That,” featuring Phasho and Choppah Da Hookman, the album leaves listeners contemplating the dualities and contradictions inherent in street life and fame.

With “U Stupid,” Sumthin’ Terrible has crafted a multifaceted album that doesn’t shy away from pushing boundaries. From its roster of esteemed guest artists to its intricate lyrical content, the project encapsulates the resilience, ambition, and unabashed authenticity that define this remarkable Sacramento crew.

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