Sumthin' Terrible - Turf Tested Hood Approved

Sumthin’ Terrible – Turf Tested Hood Approved

October 17, 2006

Download music album Turf Tested Hood Approved by Sumthin’ Terrible, released on October 17, 2006. ℗ Stupid Entertainment

Sumthin' Terrible - Turf Tested Hood Approved

1 Sumthin’ Terrible Angel In Sky 01:49
2 Sumthin’ Terrible, Mac Dre So Cold 04:56
3 Sumthin’ Terrible, The Jacka Yee 03:04
4 Sumthin’ Terrible Go 18 On The Dance Flo 03:19
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5 Sumthin’ Terrible Free Loada`s 04:02
6 Sumthin’ Terrible Money Ova Here 04:00
7 Sumthin’ Terrible, Keak Da Sneak 80 Shady Crack Babies 03:12
8 Sumthin’ Terrible Turf Testet Hood Approved 03:18
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9 Sumthin’ Terrible Stunta`s Do 02:43
10 Sumthin’ Terrible On My Own 03:27
11 Sumthin’ Terrible Retarded 03:31
12 Sumthin’ Terrible, Mistah F.A.B. Stupid In Ya Buick 03:35
13 Sumthin’ Terrible Seven Jeans 03:08
14 Sumthin’ Terrible Cream 03:36
15 Sumthin’ Terrible Sho Or Chuck Beez 03:33
16 Sumthin’ Terrible, Dubb 20 Thizzlamic 04:06
17 Sumthin’ Terrible Money 02:48
18 Sumthin’ Terrible I Go 03:45

Album info

In 2006, Sacramento-based rap crew Sumthin’ Terrible took another major step in solidifying their place in the West Coast rap scene with the release of “Turf Tested Hood Approved.” Distributed by Stupid Entertainment, the album is a compelling mix of Gangsta and Hyphy styles—each track offering an unfiltered glimpse into the streets and culture that shaped the group.

Opening with “Angel In Sky,” the album immediately establishes its thematic range, juxtaposing vulnerability and raw emotion against a backdrop of gritty beats and street narratives. The track “So Cold,” featuring the late Mac Dre, pays homage to the Hyphy legend, adding an extra layer of gravitas to the album.

Standout tracks like “Yee,” featuring The Jacka, and “80 Shady Crack Babies,” featuring Keak Da Sneak, showcase Sumthin’ Terrible’s ability to collaborate with other titans of the genre. These collaborations not only amplify the energy but also create a multi-dimensional listening experience that appeals to fans of both Gangsta and Hyphy rap.

Tracks such as “Go 18 On The Dance Flo” and “Free Loada’s” encapsulate the Hyphy movement’s core elements—dynamic beats and frenetic flows that make you want to ‘go dumb.’ On the other hand, songs like “Money Ova Here” and “Turf Tested Hood Approved” lean more into the Gangsta sub-genre, mixing braggadocio with introspective commentary on life in the hood.

“Mistah F.A.B.,” a renowned figure in the Hyphy movement, lends his unique style to “Stupid In Ya Buick,” a track that celebrates the lifestyle while offering a touch of humor. “Thizzlamic,” featuring Dubb 20, is another noteworthy track, blending the spiritual and the streetwise in a manner that only Sumthin’ Terrible could pull off.

Sumthin’ Terrible’s “Turf Tested Hood Approved” is a testament to the crew’s versatility, lyrical depth, and impeccable sense of rhythm. From start to finish, it delivers what its title promises—an authentic, street-certified tapestry of life as told through the eyes of some of Sacramento’s most compelling artists. Nearly two decades after its release, the album stands as an enduring classic that captures the essence of a pivotal era in West Coast hip-hop.

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