Earl Stevens, better known by his stage name E-40, is an American rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and actor born on November 15, 1967, in Vallejo, California. As a founding member of the rap group The Click and founder of Sick Wid It Records, E-40 has played a significant role in the growth of the Bay Area rap scene. He has released 26 studio albums, appeared on numerous movie soundtracks, and made guest appearances on many rap albums. His breakthrough came with his 1995 solo album “In a Major Way,” which paved the way for collaborations with mainstream artists outside the Bay Area. E-40 gained mainstream popularity with his 2006 single “Tell Me When to Go,” produced by Lil Jon.

E-40’s music career began in 1986 with the formation of Most Valuable Players alongside his siblings and cousin. They later became The Click, releasing their first EP in 1990. E-40’s solo debut came in 1993 with the album “Federal.” He gained regional and eventually national fame with his flamboyant raps and entrepreneurial spirit, signing a major-label deal with Jive Records in 1994. He has since released multiple albums, including his acclaimed “Revenue Retrievin'” series and “The Block Brochure” series.

Aside from his music career, E-40 has had success as an entrepreneur, investing in various businesses such as Fatburger, Wingstop Restaurants, energy drinks, wine, and malt liquor. He is also an early investor in social media apps Clubhouse and Convoz. E-40 lives in Danville, California, with his wife Tracey and their two children, both of whom have pursued careers in music.

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