Smigg Dirtee - God Made Dirt

Smigg Dirtee – God Made Dirt

Download music album God Made Dirt by Smigg Dirtee, released on March 29, 2005. ℗ Paid In Full Entertainment / Money Hungry Entertainment

Smigg Dirtee - God Made Dirt

1 Smigg Dirtee Intro 01:27
2 Smigg Dirtee, J. Boog, J. Sin Say What You Say 04:02
3 Smigg Dirtee Runnin’ For Your Life 03:44
4 Smigg Dirtee Dirtee Boy 03:37
5 Smigg Dirtee, Chag G. Superstar 04:15
6 Smigg Dirtee, Toya So Consistent 03:58
7 Smigg Dirtee, Kenya Baker On Your Own 04:28
8 Smigg Dirtee, Bless I Can’t Settle Down 03:32
9 Smigg Dirtee Selfish 03:32
10 Smigg Dirtee Die For Something 02:01
11 Smigg Dirtee Soldier Music 04:03
12 Smigg Dirtee, B-12, C.G. Dirtee Girl 04:06
13 Smigg Dirtee, Kenya Baker She Likes It 03:19
14 Smigg Dirtee, A-Wax I Don’t Like Rap 03:55
15 Smigg Dirtee, Chag G., Yukmouth Superstar 04:16

Disc 2

1 Smigg Dirtee, Profit Do This For You 04:05
2 Smigg Dirtee, The Game Heavymetalrockandroll 04:07
3 Smigg Dirtee, Bossalini, Bless, Chag G. I Got Bitches 04:31
4 Smigg Dirtee Silas, You Ain’t Right 04:49
5 Smigg Dirtee, CG, Steezo Sex, Drugs & Rap Money 03:23
6 Smigg Dirtee, A-Wax, CG, Dutch, Hollow Tip, Kenny Kingpin, Mistah F.A.B., T-Nutty, Turf Talk, Young Bop The Last Song 07:56

Album info

“God Made Dirt,” released on March 29, 2005, under Paid In Full Entertainment and Money Hungry Entertainment, stands as a seminal work in Smigg Dirtee’s discography. Originating from Sacramento and later based in San Diego, California, Smigg Dirtee, also known as Silas Pollard, crafts an album that transcends geographical boundaries yet retains the grittiness of West Coast gangsta rap.

The double-disc album kicks off with a quick “Intro,” setting the stage for what’s to come. “Say What You Say,” featuring J. Boog and J. Sin, establishes an aggressive tone, letting the listener know this isn’t an album that will pull punches. “Runnin’ For Your Life” offers a deep dive into the urgency and perils of street life, reflecting Smigg Dirtee’s roots in Sacramento’s rougher terrains.

Tracks like “Dirtee Boy” and “Superstar” present a facade of confidence and ambition. In contrast, “So Consistent” and “On Your Own,” featuring artists Toya and Kenya Baker, reveal a contemplative side. These collaborations enrich the album, giving it a layered narrative that goes beyond the machismo often associated with the genre.

Production-wise, Ecay Uno and Versatyle skillfully blend classic gangsta rap elements with experimental sounds, creating a musical landscape that mirrors the complexity of Smigg Dirtee’s life experiences between Sacramento and San Diego. Executive producers I-Rocc and Smigg Dirtee guide the project to maintain its cohesive vision.

The second disc of the album ramps up the ambition with standouts like “Heavymetalrockandroll” featuring The Game, and “The Last Song,” a nearly 8-minute closing track featuring a slew of talent like A-Wax, CG, Dutch, Hollow Tip, Kenny Kingpin, Mistah F.A.B., T-Nutty, Turf Talk, and Young Bop.

Engineered by Alex Hartman and Ecay Uno, and with graphics and photography by Shemp, the project exudes professionalism. Mixed and mastered by Daric B, who also serves as an executive producer, “God Made Dirt” is a polished yet raw representation of Smigg Dirtee’s dual identity, shaped by the streets of Sacramento and refined in San Diego. It is an album that not only cements his standing in the gangsta rap genre but also serves as a musical autobiography, capturing the essence of a life lived between two iconic Californian cities.

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