Luni Coleone -

Luni Coleone –

August 20, 2002

Download music album by Luni Coleone, released on August 20, 2002. ℗ Sicc-A-Cell / Out Of Bounds

Luni Coleone -

1 Luni Coleone Log On 01:03
2 Luni Coleone, Mitchy Slick End Of Da’ World 04:22
3 Luni Coleone, Messy Marv Ride Da’ Beef 03:54
4 Luni Coleone Ghetto Prayer 03:58
5 Luni Coleone, Mac Dre Can’t Fucc Wit’ Us 04:00
6 Luni Coleone Like I Do 02:47
7 Luni Coleone, X-Raided West Was Won (Remix) 04:22
8 Luni Coleone, Big Hollis Got Yo’ Bacc 03:50
9 Luni Coleone Ya Okay 04:05
10 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip Get That Feddy 03:29
11 Luni Coleone Fucc Life 04:05
12 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip, J-Mack, Mitchy Slick All On Da’ Line 04:12
13 Luni Coleone Wana Hate Me 03:20
14 Luni Coleone, Mitchy Slick Wrong Or Right 04:19
15 Luni Coleone, I-Rocc, Shawn Log Off 04:24

Album review is the sixth studio album by American rapper Luni Coleone, released on August 20, 2002, under the Sicc-A-Cell and Out Of Bounds record labels. This 15-track album dives deep into the realms of thug rap and gangsta hip-hop, showcasing Luni Coleone’s prowess as both an artist and producer. The album peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart, marking Luni Coleone’s last appearance on the Billboard charts to date.

The album begins with “Log On,” a 1:03 introductory track that sets the tone for the rest of the project. “End Of Da’ World” features Mitchy Slick and provides a powerful narrative about life’s struggles and perseverance. This is followed by “Ride Da’ Beef,” a collaboration with Messy Marv, which further highlights Luni Coleone’s ability to create dynamic partnerships with fellow artists in the hip-hop community.

“Ghetto Prayer” offers a moment of introspection and reflection, while “Can’t Fucc Wit’ Us” features the late Mac Dre, delivering a powerful message about loyalty and camaraderie. “Like I Do” serves as a reminder of Luni Coleone’s unique style and talent, while “West Was Won (Remix)” featuring X-Raided showcases the rapper’s versatility and adaptability.

“Got Yo’ Bacc,” a collaboration with Big Hollis, emphasizes the importance of having a strong support system, followed by “Ya Okay,” a track that highlights Luni Coleone’s ability to craft infectious hooks and memorable melodies. “Get That Feddy” features Hollow Tip, further showcasing the power of collaboration and the strength of the rap community.

“Fucc Life” delves into the darker side of existence, while “All On Da’ Line” features Hollow Tip, J-Mack, and Mitchy Slick, offering a gritty, raw narrative about putting everything on the line for success. “Wana Hate Me” confronts the challenges of dealing with envy and animosity, and “Wrong Or Right” featuring Mitchy Slick explores the complexities of morality and decision-making in difficult circumstances.

The album concludes with “Log Off,” a track featuring I-Rocc and Shawn, which serves as a fitting end to, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Luni Coleone served as the executive producer, co-producer, and writer for, showcasing his talents not only as a rapper but also as a skilled producer. Kenya Baker mastered the album, ensuring a polished, professional sound throughout the project. Additional production was provided by Big Hollis, further solidifying the album’s high-quality production values. is a testament to Luni Coleone’s growth as an artist and his continued dedication to creating powerful, thought-provoking music. With a diverse range of tracks and collaborations, this album is an essential addition to any hip-hop fan’s collection, illustrating Luni Coleone’s versatility and commitment to his craft. As the rapper’s last album to make it to the Billboard charts, stands as a significant milestone in Luni Coleone’s impressive career.

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