Luni Coleone - The Trilogy

Luni Coleone – The Trilogy

July 20, 2004

Download music album The Trilogy by Luni Coleone, released on July 20, 2004. ℗ Out Of Bounds

Luni Coleone - The Trilogy

1 Luni Coleone, Skanless Thug Shit 04:22
2 Luni Coleone All I Ever Wanted To Do 03:06
3 Luni Coleone, Ephriam Galloway, Greedy, Killa Tay Time 4 Murder 05:02
4 Luni Coleone, Daz Dillinger Seasoned Veteranz 04:11
5 Luni Coleone Reincarnation 04:28
6 Luni Coleone, Skee 64 Turf Niggaz 03:17
7 Luni Coleone Yea Yea 03:37
8 Luni Coleone, Mad Lung, Mississippi, Pre-School Hundred Spokes 05:04
9 Luni Coleone Never Trust A Hoe 04:12
10 Luni Coleone Time Waits 4 No Man 04:55
11 Luni Coleone, Mad Dog All I Wanna Do 04:02
12 Luni Coleone In The Mouth Of Madness 03:56
13 Luni Coleone Dear Mama 05:19
14 Luni Coleone, Jaz 24-7 04:15
15 Luni Coleone, Mitchy Slick Do Wrong, Do Right 04:15
16 Luni Coleone Yeah OK! 03:38
17 Luni Coleone, Mad Dog Friends 03:53
Disc 2
1 Luni Coleone, B-Legit Hillside (Remix) 03:26
2 Luni Coleone, Skee 64 Hatin’ Azz Niggaz (Remix) 03:44
3 Luni Coleone, X-Raided Family (Remix) 03:50
4 Luni Coleone, Big Hollis, I-Rocc Tell This (Remix) 03:28
5 Luni Coleone, Marcell Like I Do (Remix) 03:05
6 Luni Coleone, Greedy My Name 03:51
7 Luni Coleone, Big Hollis, Mad Dog What Would You Do?! (Remix) 03:56
8 Luni Coleone, Mitchy Slick End Of The World 03:57
9 Luni Coleone, Ephriam Galloway, Mac Dre Playing For Keeps (Remix) 04:28
10 Luni Coleone What The Fuck?! (Remix) 03:25
11 Luni Coleone Time To Ride (Remix) 03:20
12 Luni Coleone, Lady Smoke, Marvaless 2 Bonnies 1 Clyde (Remix) 03:51
13 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip Get That Fetti 03:26
14 Luni Coleone Bomp Bomp Bomp 02:47
15 Luni Coleone, Marcell Fantasy 03:24
16 Luni Coleone Fuck Life 03:18
17 Luni Coleone, Messy Marv Ride The Beef 03:20

Album review

Luni Coleone’s “The Trilogy” is a double CD compilation album released on September 7, 2004, under the Out of Bounds label. This collection showcases the unique style and talent of the acclaimed rapper as it features a mix of previously released tracks, unreleased gems, and remixed versions of some of his most popular songs. With its blend of Thug Rap and Gangsta styles, “The Trilogy” is a testament to Luni Coleone’s versatility and musical prowess.

The compilation features collaborations with several notable artists and producers, such as B-Legit, Daz Dillinger, Killa Tay, X-Raided, and Big Hollis, who also serves as the executive producer alongside Pudele. The album boasts a remarkable variety of tracks, illustrating Luni Coleone’s ability to explore different themes and moods while maintaining his signature sound.

The first CD of the compilation includes tracks like “Thug Shit,” “All I Ever Wanted To Do,” “Seasoned Veteranz,” and “Dear Mama.” These songs showcase Luni Coleone’s storytelling abilities, his experiences, and the realities of life. The gritty lyrics and raw delivery are a constant reminder of the authenticity that Luni Coleone brings to the hip-hop scene.

The second CD is packed with remixes of some of Luni Coleone’s most popular tracks, adding a fresh spin to the originals while retaining their essence. Songs such as “Hillside (Remix),” “Hatin’ Azz Niggaz (Remix),” “Family (Remix),” and “Ride The Beef” are reimagined by Big Hollis, demonstrating his skill as a producer and highlighting the dynamic partnership between the two artists.

Luni Coleone’s “The Trilogy” is not only a celebration of his music but also a showcase of his growth and development as an artist. This compilation is a perfect introduction for those who are new to Luni Coleone’s work, while also offering a fresh perspective for long-time fans. With its diverse selection of tracks, “The Trilogy” is an essential addition to any hip-hop enthusiast’s collection.

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