Marvaless - Ghetto Blues 2001

Marvaless – Ghetto Blues 2001

April 10, 2001

Download music album Ghetto Blues 2001 by Marvaless, released on April 10, 2001. ℗ Out Of Bounds

Marvaless - Ghetto Blues 2001

1 Marvaless Ghetto Blues 04:20
2 Marvaless, N-Famizz You Know We Got This Locked 04:05
3 Marvaless, Big Hollis, Maniac, Messy Marv, N-Famizz Old School 04:21
4 Marvaless Two Sides To The Game 03:53
5 Marvaless Oooh 03:34
6 Marvaless, Big Hollis, Goldie Gold, Rick Rock So Quick, So Fast 03:29
7 Marvaless, C-Bo, Luni Coleone, AK Thug Niggaz 03:48
8 Marvaless Keep It Kracken (Freestyle) 04:20
9 Marvaless RIP Tupac 04:16
10 Marvaless, K-Swiss, Alizay, N-Famizz Run, Duck & Hide 05:14
11 Marvaless, Killa Tay, N-Famizz Nightmares 04:04
12 Marvaless, Maniac Get It, Get It 02:17
13 Marvaless, Bo Bonano, K-1, Playa Mook Oooh [Remix] 03:54

Album info

“Ghetto Blues 2001,” an album by Marvaless, redefines the Gangsta Hip Hop genre with its innovative blending of Thug Rap and Gangsta styles. Released in 2001 under the label Out Of Bounds, this collection marks an important point in Marvaless’s artistic evolution, brimming with raw, honest narratives and audacious sonic experimentations.

The album begins with a revisitation of the titular track “Ghetto Blues,” reprising the potency of Marvaless’s lyricism and unmistakable vocal prowess. The subsequent track “You Know We Got This Locked” features N-Famizz and brings a rhythmic dynamism that makes it an immediate standout.

In “Old School,” Marvaless teams up with Big Hollis, Maniac, Messy Marv, and N-Famizz, crafting a song that pays tribute to the roots of Hip Hop while showcasing her distinctive style. The seamless interplay between the artists offers listeners an intricate musical journey that celebrates the genre’s rich history.

“Two Sides To The Game” and “Oooh” continue the auditory exploration, giving Marvaless the opportunity to experiment with varied rhythmic structures and intricate lyrical compositions. These tracks exhibit her skill to balance innovative sonic landscapes with heartfelt narratives, encapsulating the essence of her creative voice.

“So Quick, So Fast” features Big Hollis, Goldie Gold, and Rick Rock, with the latter also taking up production duties. This track, like many others on the album, illustrates Marvaless’s ability to collaborate effectively, creating a unique auditory experience.

“Thug Niggaz” presents a trio of featured artists, C-Bo, Luni Coleone, and AK, while “Keep It Kracken (Freestyle)” showcases Lo-Key’s production talent, adding diverse layers to the album. This variety in collaborations and production highlights the album’s dynamic sonic palette.

“RIP Tupac” is a poignant tribute to the late rap icon, showcasing Marvaless’s depth of emotion and respect for her contemporaries. The song serves as a testament to the impact Tupac had on the Hip Hop community and stands out as a heartfelt moment on the album.

In the latter half of the album, tracks like “Run, Duck & Hide,” “Nightmares,” and “Get It, Get It” maintain the high-energy tempo and lyricism, featuring artists such as K-Swiss, Alizay, N-Famizz, Killa Tay, and Maniac. These collaborations add fresh voices and perspectives to the mix, enriching the album’s overall narrative.

“Ghetto Blues 2001” concludes with a remix of “Oooh,” featuring Bo Bonano, K-1, and Playa Mook. The remix adds a refreshing twist to the original, marking a fitting end to the album.

The album’s production is handled mainly by Hollis, while Larry Funk provides mastering services. With Big Hollis, Marvaless, and Pudgie serving as executive producers, the album showcases their collective vision, maintaining an engaging balance between consistency and innovation throughout the project. The result is a vivid, nuanced portrayal of Marvaless’s artistic identity, positioning “Ghetto Blues 2001” as an integral part of her discography.

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