Marvaless - Fearless

Marvaless – Fearless

Download music album Fearless by Marvaless, released on April 21, 1998. ℗ AWOL Records / Noo Trybe Records

Marvaless - Fearless

1 Marvaless Fearless 03:57
2 Marvaless, 151, Lil’ Bruce, Steady Mobb’n Where The Weed At 04:05
3 Marvaless, Doonie Baby Eyez On The Prize (Radio) 03:35
4 Marvaless Bitch Made Niggaz 04:14
5 Marvaless, 151 What Would You Do 03:41
6 Marvaless Paper Chase 03:06
7 Marvaless, C-Bo Deadly Weapon 03:52
8 Marvaless The Struggle 03:18
9 Marvaless, Killa Tay Bonnie & Clyde 04:43
10 Marvaless, Pizzo The Drama & The Lies 03:55
11 Marvaless, C-Bo, Steady Mobb’n, Ephriam Galloway Mafia Niggaz 03:57
12 Marvaless, Laroo Ghetto Tales 04:22
13 Marvaless Nightmare 03:19
14 Marvaless, Killa Tay, Laroo, Lunasicc, Pizzo Mob Shit 04:54
15 Marvaless, Celly Cel, Killa Tay, Lunasicc, Big Note, Mississippi Cali Players 04:59
16 Marvaless, Lil’ Bruce Chips 04:32
17 Marvaless, Laroo, Lil’ Ric Where You From 04:42

Album info

“Fearless,” released on April 21, 1998, under AWOL Records and Noo Trybe Records, is an impressive Hip Hop album by the American rapper Marvaless. Imbued with the characteristic Gangsta Hip Hop style, the album offers an intimate exploration into Marvaless’s creative mind and her unapologetic narratives that challenge societal norms.

Kicking off with the eponymous track “Fearless,” the album sets the stage for a profound experience filled with raw emotions, deeply personal storytelling, and robust rhythmic expressions. The track exhibits Marvaless’s unique lyrical prowess that brilliantly encapsulates her fearless attitude and determination.

The album continues with “Where The Weed At,” a collaborative effort with 151, Lil’ Bruce, and Steady Mobb’n. Ephriam Galloway’s additional vocals enrich the track, adding an unexpected yet pleasing contrast. Notable for its engaging rhythm and resonant lyrics, the song becomes an immediate standout.

In “Eyez On The Prize,” Marvaless collaborates with Doonie Baby, demonstrating her ability to synergize with different artists, creating diverse and engaging auditory experiences. This trend continues throughout the album with collaborations featuring C-Bo, Killa Tay, Pizzo, Laroo, and Lil’ Ric.

Notable tracks like “Deadly Weapon,” “Bonnie & Clyde,” and “Mob Shit” spotlight Marvaless’s creative versatility, showcasing her ability to seamlessly blend gritty narratives with captivating beats. Each song adds a unique layer to the album’s overall narrative, offering listeners a rich auditory experience that speaks to Marvaless’s brilliance as an artist.

“Fearless” concludes with “Where You From,” featuring Laroo and Lil’ Ric. The final track serves as a powerful closing statement, encapsulating the album’s central themes and Marvaless’s assertive artistic identity.

The album’s production quality is top-notch, with multiple producers like B.C., Bobby G, DJ Daryl, and Rick Rock contributing their unique talents to the project. Every track, from the masterfully crafted beats to the evocative lyrics, is a testament to their dedication and the cohesive artistic vision driving the album.

Finally, the design of the album reflects Marvaless’s fierce persona, adding an additional layer of authenticity and personality to her work. The production quality, combined with Marvaless’s compelling performances and the visual appeal of the album, makes “Fearless” an exemplary piece of work in the Gangsta Hip Hop genre, further solidifying Marvaless’s place as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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