Marvaless - Just Marvaless

Marvaless – Just Marvaless

Download music album Just Marvaless by Marvaless, released on January 24, 1995. ℗ AWOL Records / SMG Solar Music Group

Marvaless - Just Marvaless

1 Marvaless Just Marvaless 03:23
2 Marvaless, Pizzo That’s How We Creep 04:26
3 Marvaless Ride With Me 04:36
4 Marvaless, C-Bo, Pizzo Hard Core 04:46
5 Marvaless Jelous Bitches 04:18

Album info

“Just Marvaless” is a vibrant and unfiltered exploration of Thug Rap and Gangsta styles in Hip Hop. Released on January 24, 1995, this EP comes under the banner of AWOL Records and SMG Solar Music Group. It’s a bold project that showcases Marvaless’s unwavering skill in delivering striking narratives and indomitable rhythms.

The EP kicks off with the titular track “Just Marvaless,” produced by Mike Mosley and Sam Bostic, featuring Dinitra Larkins on vocals. This track sets the tone for the EP, establishing Marvaless’s audacious lyrical prowess.

The second track “That’s How We Creep” features Pizzo and is produced by DJ Daryl. This song continues the aggressive and confident narrative presented in the opening track, further amplified by Pizzo’s contribution. The third track, “Ride With Me,” is also helmed by DJ Daryl, providing a smooth transition and maintaining the EP’s high energy.

The fourth track, “Hard Core,” ramps up the intensity, featuring C-Bo and Pizzo with production by Mike Mosley. This song is a testament to Marvaless’s skill as a rap artist, unapologetically delivering powerful verses alongside notable contributors. The final track, “Jealous Bitches,” produced by DJ Daryl, serves as an apt conclusion to the EP, further cementing Marvaless’s standing as a fearless and influential artist in the genre.

Recorded at Pajama Recording Studios and mixed at Rocket Lab, “Just Marvaless” benefits from the meticulous engineering of Ken Lee. The design and layout of the album, handled by Phunky Phat Graph-X, and the photography by Tony Smith and XYZ Studio, contribute to the visual appeal of the EP.

Managed by Insane Management, “Just Marvaless” stands as a notable contribution to Gangsta Hip Hop, and Marvaless’s hard-hitting lyricism, paired with expert production and compelling features, ensures this EP is a must-listen for genre enthusiasts.

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