Luni Coleone & I-Rocc - How The West Was Won

Luni Coleone & I-Rocc – How The West Was Won

Download music album How The West Was Won by Luni Coleone & I-Rocc, released on July 2, 2002. ℗ Hogglife Entertainment

Luni Coleone & I-Rocc - How The West Was Won

1 X-Raided How The West Was Won 03:43
2 Luni Coleone What The F*cc 03:19
3 Skee64oz, Gangsta Dre, Mac Dre Nobody Move 03:50
4 AP9 It’s Nothin’ To A Boss 03:37
5 Killa Tay, AP9, Bo-Lacey, JT The Bigga Figga, Luni Coleone, Telly Mac Hellbound 05:13
6 D-Mack, Mr. Immaculate, Marcel Speak On It 03:57
7 Messy Marv, Hatchet, Hollow Tip Skrillionaires 04:46
8 Skee64oz, Big Hollis, Luni Coleone, Marcel Turf Nominees 04:04
9 Big Hollis, Mad Lung Non-Stop 04:43
10 Greedy, Gangsta Dre, Luni Coleone Life I Live 02:47
11 T-Nutty, I-Rocc, Messy Marv Hood Life 03:37
12 C-Bo, Luni Coleone, Marvaless Thug Niggaz 03:48
13 Ecay Uno Picc Up The Pieces 05:17
14 Luni Coleone, San Quinn, Young Fierce Paid The Cost 03:43
15 Brotha Lynch Hung, Cos, I-Rocc, Jay Catt Steamin’ Mad 03:53
16 Devious, Silas, Maddog Heaterz 02:53
17 Luni Coleone Make Your Speakers Go 03:38
18 Skee64oz, Daz Dillinger Addicted 03:47
19 Kaoz The Assassin, Young Droop Get Em’ 03:18

Album review

“How The West Was Won” is a collaborative compilation album presented by Luni Coleone and I-Rocc, released in 2002 under the Hogglife Entertainment label. The album features a variety of artists and producers from the West Coast hip-hop scene, coming together to create a powerful representation of the gangsta and thug rap styles that dominate the genre. With 19 tracks, “How The West Was Won” showcases the talents of various rappers, producers, and featured artists, making it a must-have compilation for fans of West Coast hip-hop.

The album kicks off with “How The West Was Won” by X-Raided, produced by Big Hollis, setting the tone for the rest of the compilation. Luni Coleone follows with “What The F*cc,” which he also produced, demonstrating his versatility as both an artist and a producer. “Nobody Move” by Skee64oz features Gangsta Dre and Mac Dre, with production by Mac Dre, adding more star power to the album.

AP9’s “It’s Nothin’ To A Boss” is produced by Pale Soul, while Killa Tay’s “Hellbound” features an all-star lineup of AP9, Bo-Lacey, JT the Bigga Figga, Luni Coleone, and Telly Mac, with Killa Tay also taking on production duties. D-Mack and Mr. Immaculate collaborate on “Speak On It,” produced by KG and featuring vocals by Marcel.

Messy Marv’s “Skrillionaires” features Hollow Tip and is produced by Hatchet. “Turf Nominees” by Skee64oz features Big Hollis and Luni Coleone, with production by Big Hollis and additional vocals by Marcel. Big Hollis takes the spotlight on “Non-Stop,” which he also produced and features vocals by Mad Lung.

“Life I Live” by Greedy features Gangsta Dre and Luni Coleone, produced by Hugh Heff. T-Nutty’s “Hood Life” features I-Rocc and Messy Marv, with production by Pale Soul. C-Bo’s “Thug Niggaz” features Luni Coleone and Marvaless, produced by Big Hollis.

Ecay Uno’s “Picc Up The Pieces” showcases his production skills, while Luni Coleone’s “Paid The Cost” features San Quinn and Young Fierce, with production by Big Hollis. “Steamin’ Mad” by Brotha Lynch Hung features Cos, I-Rocc, and Jay Catt, produced by Evil.

Devious’ “Heaterz” features Silas, produced by Hugh Heff, and includes vocals by Maddog. Luni Coleone returns with “Make Your Speakers Go,” produced by Big Hollis. Skee64oz’s “Addicted” features Daz Dillinger and is produced by Big Hollis. The compilation concludes with “Get Em'” by Kaoz The Assassin, featuring Young Droop and produced by J-Doe.

Throughout “How The West Was Won,” Luni Coleone and I-Rocc have curated a collection of tracks that celebrate the West Coast hip-hop scene, bringing together a diverse array of artists and producers. The album is a testament to the talent and creativity found within the genre, offering listeners a comprehensive and immersive experience of gangsta and thug rap.

The compilation’s 19 tracks provide a platform for both established and up-and-coming artists to showcase their skills and tell their stories, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and mutual support. The result is an album that captures the essence of West Coast hip-hop and serves as a reminder of the genre’s enduring appeal and influence. “How The West Was Won” is a must-listen for fans of gangsta and thug rap, as well as those looking to explore the depth and diversity of the West Coast hip-hop scene.

The production on the album is top-notch, with contributions from well-known producers such as Big Hollis, Luni Coleone, Mac Dre, Killa Tay, Pale Soul, and Hugh Heff, among others. The beats are hard-hitting and gritty, providing a fitting backdrop for the raw and unapologetic lyrics that characterize the genre. Each track on “How The West Was Won” delivers its own unique flavor and style, yet the album remains cohesive and maintains a consistent vibe throughout.

The featured artists on the compilation are a mix of established names and rising talents, further highlighting the depth of the West Coast hip-hop scene. Luni Coleone and I-Rocc have done an excellent job of curating a lineup that showcases the best of what the genre has to offer. The album serves not only as a celebration of West Coast hip-hop but also as an introduction to some of the artists who are poised to shape its future.

In conclusion, “How The West Was Won” is a must-listen album for fans of West Coast hip-hop, gangsta rap, and thug rap. The compilation highlights the talent and creativity that abound within the genre and introduces listeners to some of the artists who are shaping its future. With its diverse lineup of artists, top-notch production, and unforgettable tracks, “How The West Was Won” is a testament to the enduring appeal and influence of West Coast hip-hop.