Luni Coleone & Hollow Tip - Still Wanted

Luni Coleone & Hollow Tip – Still Wanted

May 16, 2006

Download music album Still Wanted by Luni Coleone & Hollow Tip, released on May 16, 2006. ℗ Out Of Bounds

Luni Coleone & Hollow Tip - Still Wanted

1 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip Home Run 00:42
2 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip My Name (2006) 03:43
3 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip Why 04:32
4 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip I’ll Smoke Anybody 01:02
5 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip, Big Hollis Grab Dat Cannon 04:33
6 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip The Streets Is Watchin 03:50
7 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip Kick It 00:29
8 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip Keep Me Comin 2 You 03:53
9 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip, Mae Gee Hold Me Down 04:52
10 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip, Lace Leno, Young Savage Woodgrain 05:10
11 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip I Want 2 Meet You 04:08
12 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip Get Off Me Skit 00:05
13 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip Get Off Me 03:52
14 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip, Big Hollis Gangsta Till I Die 04:37
15 Luni Coleone, Hollow Tip Miss Purdy 01:07

Album info

“Still Wanted” is a power-packed album, a collaborative effort between Luni Coleone and Hollow Tip. Released in 2006 under the Out Of Bounds label, the album explores the Thug Rap and Gangsta sub-genres of Hip Hop, providing an unfiltered glimpse into their vivid storytelling and lyrical skills.

The album is a blend of hard-hitting tracks and introspective verses, encapsulating the raw energy and dynamism of the two artists. The album’s production and mixing, handled by Big Hollis, lend the tracks a cohesive sound, binding the album together seamlessly. The mastering by Larry Funk further refines the album’s sound, creating a polished final product.

“Still Wanted” opens with “Home Run,” a short, impactful track that sets the stage for the subsequent songs. This is followed by “My Name (2006)”, a track that delivers potent verses, reflecting the artists’ unique styles and skills.

“Why,” the third track of the album, stands out for its depth and introspection, showcasing the rappers’ ability to convey complex emotions and experiences through their lyrics. “I’ll Smoke Anybody” is another track that highlights their assertive stance and lyrical prowess.

“Grab Dat Cannon,” featuring Big Hollis, is a standout track with its compelling narrative and gripping beats. Hollis’ appearance adds an extra layer of intensity to the track, making it a memorable part of the album.

“The Streets Is Watchin” and “Keep Me Comin 2 You” further illustrate the artists’ adeptness at crafting engaging songs, showcasing their unique approach to storytelling through their lyrics.

“Hold Me Down,” featuring Mae Gee, is a testament to the duo’s versatility, offering a slightly softer tone amidst the album’s overall gritty vibe. This track is followed by “Woodgrain,” featuring Lace Leno and Young Savage, adding a unique dynamic to the album.

“Gangsta Till I Die,” featuring Big Hollis, is another standout track that encapsulates the essence of the album, reflecting the artists’ unwavering dedication to their craft and their genre.

“Still Wanted” ends with “Miss Purdy,” a short yet impactful track that leaves a lasting impression, wrapping up the album on a high note.

Overall, “Still Wanted” is an album that showcases Luni Coleone and Hollow Tip’s strong command over their craft. It reflects their ability to deliver powerful narratives and hard-hitting verses, making it a noteworthy addition to the Thug Rap and Gangsta Hip Hop genres. This album is a testament to their undeniable talent and the vibrant energy they bring to their music, further solidifying their place in the Hip Hop scene.

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