Skanless - In The End We Shall Repent

Skanless – In The End We Shall Repent

January 1, 1999

Download music album In The End We Shall Repent by Skanless, released in 1999. ℗ Out Of Bounds

Skanless - In The End We Shall Repent

1 Skanless, Big Hollis Comrades 04:06
2 Skanless Screamin 03:47
3 Skanless, Old E Kode Red 04:31
4 Skanless, D-Dubb Struggle 2 Survive 04:29
5 Skanless Thugged Out 05:33
6 Skanless Me & My Road Dawgz 03:33
7 Skanless Do You Know 04:42
8 Skanless, P-Game, Vitani Ready 4 War 04:22
9 Skanless, Big Hollis, G-Menace Ball-N’-Chain 04:33
10 Skanless, G-Menace Daddy Kool 03:48
11 Skanless Land Of The Lost 06:02
12 Skanless Lost Love 02:44

Album info

In 1999, a remarkable entry in the world of Hip Hop burst onto the scene—Skanless’s “In The End We Shall Repent.” Released under the label Out Of Bounds, this album perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the era, intertwining elements of Gangsta Rap and G-Funk to deliver a poignant narrative. Hailing from Sacramento, California, Skanless emerges as a gangsta rap artist who brings a unique flair and authenticity to the genre. The album comes as a CD format and encapsulates the intensity and grit of urban realities.

From the production quality to the lyrical craftsmanship, the album sets a high bar. Produced by Big Hollis and executive-produced by Redrick Lewis and Walter Hollis, the production team ensures that the tracks maintain a cohesive rhythm throughout. The album is an impressive collaboration featuring other talents like Big Hollis, Old E, D-Dubb, P-Game, and Vitani, each contributing to create a multi-dimensional sonic landscape. Heavynn’s vocal contributions on “Do You Know” provide a soulful break in an otherwise hard-hitting compilation, illustrating the album’s range and depth.

“In The End We Shall Repent” kicks off with the electrifying “Comrades,” setting the pace for what lies ahead. A distinctive feature of the album is its calculated progression, seemingly leading the listener through a carefully curated experience. By the time one reaches tracks like “Struggle 2 Survive” and “Thugged Out,” the weight of Skanless’s storytelling ability becomes palpable. The album art, crafted by Elwood Y. and Samoht Design, complements the gritty aura of the musical journey, making it a holistic artistic experience.

The narrative arc reaches its climax with songs like “Ready 4 War” and “Ball-N’-Chain,” which are imbued with the angst and spirit of rebellion. These tracks delve into complex themes of survival, loyalty, and confrontations, offering a raw glimpse into the artist’s world. “Land Of The Lost” and “Lost Love” serve as introspective closers, pulling back from the energetic explosiveness to a more subdued, reflective tone, almost as if the album itself is repenting, thereby living up to its title.

What makes this album particularly enduring is its no-holds-barred approach to tackling social issues, intricately woven through rhythmic beats and powerful verses. The album’s publication under Skanless Publishing and AMDH Publishing, along with distribution by Ideal Music Group and IMPD, has made it widely accessible, impacting a broader audience. Pressed by Crest National, the physical copies resonate with an authenticity that speaks to the era’s love for tactile music consumption.

All in all, “In The End We Shall Repent” serves as an intricate tapestry of emotions, struggles, and commentaries, put forth in a manner that only Skanless could execute. For those who wish to journey through a nuanced maze of late ’90s Hip Hop, guided by an artist with a firm grip on both beat and narrative, this album remains a must-listen. A quintessential representation of its time, yet timeless in its storytelling, this album epitomizes what Hip Hop can achieve as a form of art and social critique.

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