Cee Wee 3 - Round Of Applause

Cee Wee 3 – Round Of Applause

Download music album Round Of Applause by Cee Wee 3, released on October 29, 2011. ℗ West Coast Official Ent.

Cee Wee 3 - Round Of Applause

1 Cee Wee 3 Round Of Applause 03:07
2 No Good Money 04:44
3 Turf Talk, Young Sau, I-Rocc Tha Game 04:25
4 Cee Wee 3 Tha Bottle 03:19
5 I-Rocc, Gonzoe Ambition 04:28
6 Jayo Felony Glamour Girl 04:13
7 Cee Wee 3 Future Hiphop 03:59
8 Josh Franks Gangsta Girl 02:27
9 Cyco City, Harmony., D Blacc Gangsta Life 04:07
10 Cee Wee 3 Chase Mine 02:04
11 Cee Wee 3 Dont Stop 03:15
12 Yukmouth, Young Sau Doe Boy 04:45
13 Ecay Uno, Ebony Baker Forever 04:38
14 Young Docc We Bout It 04:06
15 Googie Monsta, Smigg Dirtee Loccn Up For Cali 04:44
16 Ecay Uno Legit Hustles 03:16
17 Harmony Keep Ya Head Up 03:41
18 Cee Wee 3 Like You 04:34
19 Treali Duce Apologies 04:27

Album info

“Round Of Applause,” released in 2011 under West Coast Official Ent., is an album by Cee Wee 3, a notable figure in the Gangsta hip-hop scene. The album is a rich tapestry of the West Coast gangsta style, featuring a lineup of talented artists contributing to its diverse sound.

The album opens with the title track, “Round Of Applause,” setting a tone of triumph and recognition, possibly celebrating achievements in the challenging world of hip-hop and street life. Following this, “Money” by No Good could delve into the central theme of financial aspirations and the hustle to attain wealth, a common narrative in gangsta rap.

“Tha Game,” featuring Turf Talk, Young Sau, and I-Rocc, likely explores the rules and realities of street life, while “Tha Bottle” by Cee Wee 3 might offer a more introspective look at coping mechanisms in tough environments.

“Ambition” by I-Rocc and Gonzoe, and “Glamour Girl” by Jayo Felony, potentially add different dimensions to the album, focusing on personal drive and relationships, respectively. “Future Hiphop” by Cee Wee 3 could be a visionary track, forecasting the evolution of the hip-hop genre.

“Gangsta Girl” by Josh Franks and “Gangsta Life” by Cyco City, Harmony., and D Blacc, continue the album’s exploration of gangsta culture, delving into aspects of love and the everyday realities of living in such an environment.

“Chase Mine” and “Dont Stop” by Cee Wee 3 could be motivational tracks, encouraging persistence and determination. “Doe Boy” by Yukmouth and Young Sau and “Forever” by Ecay Uno and Ebony Baker might explore themes of money-chasing and lasting relationships in a turbulent world.

“We Bout It” by Young Docc, “Loccn Up For Cali” by Googie Monsta and Smigg Dirtee, and “Legit Hustles” by Ecay Uno possibly offer narratives on pride, regional loyalty, and the grind for legitimate success.

“Keep Ya Head Up” by Harmony* might provide a moment of solace and encouragement, while “Like You” by Cee Wee 3 and “Apologies” by Treali Duce likely close the album on reflective notes, delving into personal relationships and remorse.

“Round Of Applause” is a compelling journey through the nuances of gangsta life, infused with gritty realism and lyrical depth, standing as a testament to Cee Wee 3’s impactful presence in the hip-hop world.

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