C-Bo Presents Marvaless - Ready Made

C-Bo Presents Marvaless – Ready Made

Download music album Ready Made by C-Bo Presents Marvaless, released on June 12, 2007. ℗ West Coast Mafia Records / Frisco Street Show

C-Bo Presents Marvaless - Ready Made

1 Marvaless, Killa Tay Ready Made 03:50
2 Marvaless Do The Math 04:12
3 Marvaless, T-Nutty Game Like Us 03:49
4 Marvaless, Juana Blaze Black Queen 03:49
5 Marvaless Fuckin’ Wit’ Us 03:45
6 Marvaless Ooh Ooh 03:24
7 Marvaless, Missippi My Time 2 Shine Now 03:13
8 Marvaless, Angel Money Right 03:37
9 Marvaless Skit (Thug Life Intro) 00:17
10 Marvaless, Rydah J. Klyde, The Jacka Thug Life 04:54
11 Marvaless, San Quinn Comin’ Like Dat 03:42
12 Marvaless, Young Bop Rep Yo Shit 04:44
13 Marvaless, Rick Rock Rap Game 03:05
14 Marvaless U So Fly 03:47
15 Marvaless, Teza Mania Reality 03:41
16 Marvaless Last Dayz 01:24
17 Marvaless, Laroo Ready 2 Ride 03:44
18 Marvaless, 2Pac, Storm Neva Be Peace 03:16
19 Marvaless, Young Bop 29 Gun Salute 03:16

Album info

Released in July 2007 under West Coast Mafia Records, “Ready Made” is a remarkable effort from Marvaless, presented by the acclaimed rapper C-Bo. The album, boasting a diverse array of Hip Hop styles, is firmly planted within the Thug Rap and Gangsta genres, striking a powerful chord with both long-time fans and new listeners alike.

Opening with the eponymous track “Ready Made,” the album makes an immediate impact, featuring Killa Tay and providing an ample showcase for Marvaless’s lyricism and rhythmic abilities. This is followed by “Do The Math,” a track made unique by the beats and rhythms crafted by producer WCM.

“Game Like Us” is a powerful collaboration featuring T-Nutty, while “Black Queen” demonstrates the depth of Marvaless’s creativity, with Juana Blaze featured and production by Lokei. Marvaless’s ability to collaborate effectively with a range of artists and producers stands out across the album, offering an eclectic mix of voices and musical styles.

Tracks like “Fuckin’ Wit’ Us,” with production from Big Knock, and “Ooh Ooh,” produced by WCM, keep the energy high, while “My Time 2 Shine Now” features Missippi, adding another layer of vocal dynamism to the mix.

A brief interlude comes with “Skit (Thug Life Intro),” featuring the iconic voice of 2Pac, paving the way for the track “Thug Life” with Rydah J. Klyde and The Jacka. “Comin’ Like Dat” and “Rep Yo Shit” further exhibit the album’s thematic consistency, with San Quinn and Young Bop featuring respectively, and production by Demon on the latter.

The later part of the album sees collaborations with Rick Rock on “Rap Game,” and Teza Mania on “Reality.” Tracks like “U So Fly” and “Last Dayz,” produced by Paul Silva, offer more introspective moments, while “Ready 2 Ride” with Laroo and production by Traxx keeps listeners engaged.

“Neva Be Peace” is a notable highlight, featuring 2Pac and Storm with production by Johnny J, and the album concludes with the track “29 Gun Salute,” featuring Young Bop with production once again by Demon. An additional video track “I Go” featuring Young Bop provides a visual element, enriching the overall album experience.

The project is made even more cohesive by the deft work of master and mixer Lamont “Spec” Blackshire, ensuring each track flows seamlessly into the next. The production across the album is shared between Big Fattz and Rick Rock, who handle a number of tracks, resulting in a nuanced soundscape that perfectly complements Marvaless’s vocals.

Serving as both a feature and the executive producer alongside Big Roc, C-Bo’s influence is evident throughout the album. With additional credits going to Chris Bauer as the Evo A&R Coordinator, and Black Hole Promotions handling Marketing & Promotion, “Ready Made” is a testament to collaborative effort and unified vision, proving that Marvaless, even in a new era of her career, remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of Hip Hop.

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