Mr. Doctor - Documentary

Mr. Doctor – Documentary

September 21, 2004

Download music album Documentary by Mr. Doctor, released on September 21, 2004. ℗ Epidemic Entertainment

Mr. Doctor - Documentary

1 Mr. Doctor In The Beginning 01:02
2 Mr. Doctor The Invitation: The Observation 03:41
3 Mr. Doctor Made Man (Skit) 00:39
4 Mr. Doctor Fellas 03:38
5 Mr. Doctor, D.C. Of The Breaks, Mihkil Reality 04:20
6 Mr. Doctor The Signing 02:52
7 Mr. Doctor, Adrian Baker of The Beach Boys Band Vibrations 04:18
8 Mr. Doctor, Lil’ Flip Bangin Dirty 04:22
9 Mr. Doctor I’m These Streets 05:06
10 Mr. Doctor Real Talk 02:49
11 Mr. Doctor, E-40, Lil’ Keke Three Theories 04:29
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12 Mr. Doctor 00:21
13 Mr. Doctor, Lo Cel Of The Breaks They Betta Know 04:17
14 Mr. Doctor All The Deals, All The Work 01:35
15 Mr. Doctor, Savina Hall, Vero So Crazy 03:19
16 Mr. Doctor, Foe-Loco Of Odysea, Lo Cel Of The Breaks Bust Back 05:58
17 Mr. Doctor The Releases 01:46
18 Mr. Doctor, Big Q Of Odysea Money, Dollas, Fetti, Cash 03:50
19 Mr. Doctor, DeLuca Of Shock Mob I’m High 00:34
20 Mr. Doctor, Die Trying Tragedy 03:43
21 Mr. Doctor, Arsen, Levitti, Mr. Kane You Don’t Know The Real 05:16
22 Mr. Doctor Documentary 03:05
Disc 2
1 Mr. Doctor Intro (Chopped & Dropped) 01:44
2 Mr. Doctor The Invitation, The Observation (Chopped & Dropped) 05:49
3 Mr. Doctor Reality (Chopped & Dropped) 04:21
4 Mr. Doctor Bangin Dirty (Chopped & Dropped) 05:29
5 Mr. Doctor I’m These Streets (Chopped & Dropped) 05:58
6 Mr. Doctor Three Theories (Chopped & Dropped) 05:40
7 Mr. Doctor They Betta Know (Chopped & Dropped) 04:51
8 Mr. Doctor Bust Back (Chopped & Dropped) 06:34
9 Mr. Doctor You Don’t Know The Real (Chopped & Dropped) 06:00
10 Mr. Doctor Outro (Chopped & Dropped) 01:05
11 Mr. Doctor, Jay-Z Don’t Ask Me Why 04:02
12 Mr. Doctor Who’s That Man 04:59
13 Mr. Doctor, 50 Cent, Babe Reg, Lorenzo Green-Eyes Keep It Gangsta 04:47
14 Mr. Doctor, Big Q Of Odysea Mic Check 04:27

Album info

“Documentary,” a two-disc compilation by Mr. Doctor, was released in 2004 under Epidemic Entertainment. This compelling compilation blends the Hip Hop genre with a vast range of featured artists, creating a vivid and diverse audial journey.

Disc 1 of “Documentary” starts with “In The Beginning” and “The Invitation: The Observation,” setting the tone for a profound exploration of Mr. Doctor’s musical journey. Tracks such as “Fellas,” “Reality,” featuring D.C. Of The Breaks and Mihkil, and “The Signing” unravel a deeper understanding of the artist’s experiences in the industry.

The album then takes a melodious turn with “Vibrations,” featuring Adrian Baker of The Beach Boys Band, and “Bangin Dirty,” featuring Lil’ Flip. These tracks fuse Mr. Doctor’s rap style with diverse musical influences, adding a unique flavor to the compilation. The narrative then shifts back to the streets with tracks like “I’m These Streets,” “Real Talk,” and “Three Theories,” featuring E-40 and Lil’ Keke.

In the concluding part of Disc 1, tracks like “Money, Dollas, Fetti, Cash,” featuring Big Q Of Odysea, and “Tragedy,” featuring Die Trying, demonstrate Mr. Doctor’s lyrical prowess and the depth of his storytelling abilities. The disc ends with “Documentary,” a fitting finale that encapsulates the essence of the album.

Disc 2 offers a ‘Chopped & Dropped’ remix of several songs from the first disc, adding a fresh and innovative twist to the original tracks. These include “The Invitation, The Observation,” “Reality,” “Bangin Dirty,” and “You Don’t Know The Real.”

The bonus disc concludes with four additional tracks, most notably “Don’t Ask Me Why,” featuring the iconic Jay-Z, and “Keep It Gangsta,” featuring 50 Cent, Babe Reg, and Lorenzo Green-Eyes. These collaborations represent Mr. Doctor’s reach within the industry and his ability to blend his style with other prominent artists.

The “Documentary” compilation is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s an exploration of Mr. Doctor’s musical journey. By merging diverse features and styles, it showcases the artist’s versatility and ability to tell compelling stories through his music. The album serves as a testament to Mr. Doctor’s impactful presence in the Hip Hop world, offering listeners a unique insight into his artistic evolution.

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