Zagg - Through The Eyes Of She

Zagg – Through The Eyes Of She

October 11, 2005

Download music album Through The Eyes Of She by Zagg, released on October 11, 2005. ℗ Siccmade Records

Zagg - Through The Eyes Of She

1 Zagg (Insert) The Session 00:52
2 Zagg, Lynch Hung Suicidal 05:04
3 Zagg I-She-See 05:00
4 Zagg, Calico 101 Day In The Life 04:18
5 Zagg Insert 00:28
6 Zagg, Lynch Hung Gangsta 04:40
7 Zagg, Lynch Hung, D-Dubb Muzicc 04:47
8 Zagg Oh Damn 02:16
9 Zagg, Lynch Hung Best Bitch 04:31
10 Zagg Insert 00:44
11 Zagg, Mea-Gee Had Enough 05:04
12 Zagg, Cos, Malaiki, Phonk Beta Life 05:04
13 Zagg, Suga T. Here We Go Again 04:11
14 Zagg Bad Bitch 03:06
15 Zagg, Loki Shady Bitches 03:53
16 Zagg, Lynch Hung Tribute 04:12
17 Zagg, Lynch Hung Argument Pt. 2 (Bonus Tracc) 03:49
18 Zagg Outro 01:10

Album info

“Through The Eyes Of She,” released on October 11, 2005, via Siccmade Records, is a powerful sophomore album by Zagg, known off-stage as Shawna Coyle. The album delves into the complexities of her experiences, delivering raw, unfiltered narratives that resonate with the ethos of Gangsta Hip Hop. Mastered at Monsterlab Audio, with visual creativity by L. Nickolson, the album’s graphic design and photography contribute to its stark, impactful presentation.

The album kicks off with “(Insert) The Session,” setting the scene for a deep dive into Zagg’s psyche. It promptly moves to “Suicidal,” featuring Lynch Hung, where the stark reality of mental battles is laid bare over haunting beats. “I-She-See” continues the personal exploration, inviting listeners into Zagg’s world as seen through her eyes.

“Day In The Life,” with Calico 101, paints a vivid picture of daily survival in the streets, while “Gangsta,” also featuring Lynch Hung, reinforces Zagg’s authenticity and roots in the genre. The track “Muzicc” keeps the momentum going with contributions from Lynch Hung and D-Dubb, echoing the central role music plays in Zagg’s life.

“Oh Damn” provides a momentary switch in tone, bringing in a lighter, though no less potent, energy. In contrast, “Best Bitch,” again featuring Lynch Hung, returns to the theme of formidable strength and self-assertion that Zagg embodies.

“Had Enough,” featuring Mea-Gee and produced by Crookwood, is a standout track where frustrations and boundaries reach a boiling point. “Life,” featuring Cos, Malaiki, and Phonk Beta, and produced by Lilly, captures the multifaceted aspects of existence, from struggles to moments of clarity.

“Here We Go Again,” with Suga T, adds a unique female collaborative voice, while “Bad Bitch” and “Shady Bitches,” featuring Loki, delve into the dynamics of trust and betrayal. The album closes with “Tribute” and “Argument Pt. 2 (Bonus Tracc),” both featuring Lynch Hung, bringing the journey full circle with reflections on the past and a poignant homage.

With Evil handling the production on several key tracks and Phonk Beta bringing his expertise to the majority of the album, “Through The Eyes Of She” is both a personal narrative and a creative collaboration. Executive-produced by Art B. and K. Mann, and mixed by K. Rookwood and K. Mann, the album stands as a testament to Zagg’s tenacity and vision, offering an introspective look at life from a perspective that’s often overlooked in hip hop.

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