Loki - 21 Gun Salute

Loki – 21 Gun Salute

July 27, 2004

Download music album 21 Gun Salute by Loki, released on July 27, 2004. ℗ Siccmade Muzicc

Loki - 21 Gun Salute

1 Loki Prologue 02:23
2 Loki Fuck It, Then 04:24
3 Loki, Lynch, Mae Gee Gangster’s Banquet 05:40
4 Loki John Doe’s & Ho-Cakes 03:34
5 Loki, Redbone Diamonds On My Windshield 04:46
6 Loki, Zagg Dim Episode 04:17
7 Loki Good Riddance 04:42
8 Loki, Calico The Edge 04:36
9 Loki, D-Dubb Me & The Bottle 05:18
10 Loki Ugly Ducks 00:24
11 Loki Braggin Rights 03:58
12 Loki, Loco Ricc Once Again 04:09
13 Loki, Lynch (It Was) The Year Of The Deuce 04:26
14 Loki The Memorial 05:59
15 Loki Self-Portrait 04:27

Album review

In 2004, Siccmade Muzicc released Loki’s sophomore album, “21 Gun Salute,” a hard-hitting gangsta rap project that further demonstrated Loki’s exceptional talent as a rapper and lyricist. The album, which features 15 tracks, delves into the harsh realities of street life while showcasing Loki’s gritty storytelling and distinctive flow. With its compelling production and raw content, “21 Gun Salute” solidified Loki’s reputation as a formidable artist in the underground hip-hop scene.

The album kicks off with “Prologue,” a 2:23 minute intro that sets the tone for the rest of the project. The second track, “Fuck It, Then,” is a powerful anthem highlighting Loki’s aggressive lyricism and relentless flow. The album then moves on to “Gangster’s Banquet,” featuring Mae Gee and fellow Siccmade Muzicc artist Brotha Lynch Hung (credited as Lynch on the album). This collaboration offers a captivating look at the world of gangsta rap and the realities faced by those living in it.

“John Doe’s & Ho-Cakes” sees Loki exploring themes of loyalty and betrayal, while “Diamonds On My Windshield,” featuring Redbone, delves into the darker aspects of street life. “Dim Episode,” featuring Zagg, is a haunting track that showcases Loki’s skill at crafting chilling narratives through his lyrics.

“Good Riddance” is a menacing track that highlights Loki’s ability to deliver hard-hitting verses with unwavering confidence. On “The Edge,” featuring Calico, Loki explores the fine line between success and failure in the street life. “Me & The Bottle,” featuring D-Dubb, is a introspective track that delves into the struggles of addiction and its impact on the individual.

The album takes a brief detour with “Ugly Ducks,” a 0:23 minute interlude that leads into “Braggin Rights,” a track that sees Loki showcasing his lyrical prowess and impressive wordplay. “Once Again,” featuring Loco Ricc, is a powerful collaboration that highlights the raw talent and versatility of both artists.

“(It Was) The Year Of The Deuce,” featuring Lynch, is a captivating track that offers a retrospective look at the past and the impact it has had on the present. The album then moves on to “The Memorial,” a somber tribute to those who have been lost to the harsh realities of street life. The album concludes with “Self-Portrait,” a introspective track that provides an honest look at Loki’s life and the experiences that have shaped him as an artist.

Throughout “21 Gun Salute,” Loki demonstrates his unique ability to deliver captivating storytelling and clever wordplay. His raw lyricism and undeniable energy make for an engaging listening experience, while the album’s strong production only adds to its overall appeal. The variety of guest appearances and collaborations further enhances the project’s depth, providing listeners with an array of perspectives and styles.

Loki, a gangsta rapper from Sacramento, California, has established himself as a skilled rapper and lyricist through the release of “21 Gun Salute.” The album’s combination of raw lyricism, diverse production, and captivating collaborations make it a standout project in Loki’s discography and a must-listen for fans of authentic hip-hop. With “21 Gun Salute,” Loki further cements his status as a formidable artist within the underground hip-hop community, demonstrating that his talent is not to be underestimated.

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