Loki - Illegitimati

Loki – Illegitimati

May 23, 2000

Download music album Illegitimati by Loki, released on May 23, 2000. ℗ Siccmade Muzicc

Loki - Illegitimati

1 Loki Whut Up… 01:18
2 Loki Ghetto Blaster 04:12
3 Loki, Brotha Lynch Hung, Sicx ‘Cause I Said So 05:02
4 Loki, D-Dubb The High Life 04:06
5 Loki Indo 500 04:01
6 Loki, Fignaytion Get My Name Right 05:24
7 Loki, Brotha Lynch Hung, First Degree The D.E. None To Die For 05:01
8 Loki ?!?!! 01:21
9 Loki, Melodicora, Psykov Betrayal 04:20
10 Loki Hard-On 04:46
11 Loki Plug Nickel 03:13
12 Loki, Young Droop A’ight Den… 03:00

Album review

In 2000, Siccmade Muzicc released a hard-hitting gangsta rap album titled “Illegitimati” by Loki, a talented rapper hailing from Sacramento, California. The album showcases Loki’s versatile flow and ability to craft captivating storytelling through his lyrics. With its gritty production and raw content, “Illegitimati” gained recognition within the underground hip-hop scene, solidifying Loki’s reputation as a formidable artist.

The 12-track album runs for approximately 47 minutes, with each song delivering a unique blend of gangsta rap infused with street-wise storytelling. The album’s production features contributions from an array of talented producers, including Brotha Lynch Hung, J. Caverly, Jon Liberti, Loki himself, Phonk Beta, and Way Deep.

“Illegitimati” kicks off with the intro track, “Whut Up…,” setting the stage for the rest of the album. The second track, “Ghetto Blaster,” produced by Way Deep, is a hard-hitting anthem that showcases Loki’s raw lyricism and relentless flow.

“‘Cause I Said So” is a standout collaboration with fellow rappers Brotha Lynch Hung and Sicx, which further adds depth to the album. “The High Life,” featuring D-Dubb, delivers another gritty track with a catchy hook that draws the listener into Loki’s world.

“Indo 500,” a solo track, showcases Loki’s storytelling abilities as he delves into his experiences with street life. “Get My Name Right,” featuring Fignaytion, is produced by Phonk Beta and offers a change of pace in the album’s production while maintaining its gritty, underground feel.

“None To Die For” is a powerful collaboration with Brotha Lynch Hung and First Degree The D.E., offering a raw and unapologetic look at the harsh realities of street life. The album then shifts gears with “?!?!!,” a short interlude track that serves as a breather before diving back into the album’s intensity.

“Betrayal,” featuring Melodicora and Psykov, is a captivating track that explores themes of loyalty and deceit, with Melodicora providing additional vocals that add a haunting element to the song. “Hard-On,” produced by Brotha Lynch Hung, is a menacing track that showcases Loki’s ability to deliver aggressive lyrics with unwavering confidence.

“Plug Nickel,” another Brotha Lynch Hung-produced track, is a hard-hitting anthem that solidifies Loki’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the gangsta rap genre. The album concludes with “A’ight Den…,” featuring Young Droop, which serves as a fitting conclusion to the project.

Throughout “Illegitimati,” Loki, whose real name is Jesse Caverly, demonstrates his exceptional skill as a rapper and lyricist. His unique flow and ability to craft captivating storytelling make for an engaging listening experience, and the album’s strong production only adds to its appeal. The variety of guest appearances and collaborations further enhances the project’s depth, providing listeners with an array of perspectives and styles.

In addition to his solo work, Loki is also a member of the group Locced 2 The Brain. Although he now creates Social Justice Warrior (SJW) rap and goes by the name Excelsior Smith, his work on “Illegitimati” remains a testament to his talent as a gangsta rapper. The album’s combination of raw lyricism, diverse production, and captivating collaborations make it a standout project in Loki’s discography and a must-listen for fans of authentic hip-hop.

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