Turfed Out Mafia Gang - Welcome To The Turf Vol. 2

Turfed Out Mafia Gang – Welcome To The Turf Vol. 2

January 21, 2014

Download music album Welcome To The Turf Vol. 2 by Turfed Out Mafia Gang, released on January 21, 2014. ℗ Nor Cal Ent.

Turfed Out Mafia Gang - Welcome To The Turf Vol. 2

1 Tha “G” Hussein Turfed Out Mafia Intro 01:34
2 Sac Sin Y’all Niggaz Know Me 04:46
3 Turf Talk Weed Pillsz Powdah 04:39
4 Doebonikz, Sac Sin, Tay Slim On Da Move Again 03:37
5 Doebonikz, Sac Sin Turfed Out Mafia Gang 03:16
6 Sac Sin Bird Flu 04:12
7 Doebonikz All The Lonely People 05:33
8 Doebonikz, Tha “G” Hussein Blow Out Cha Brainz 03:03
9 80s Babies Hip Hop 02:32
10 Young Gasz Ima Turf Baby 03:22
11 Doebonikz, Sac Sin, Fed X Good Die Young 03:26
12 Reece Reece Northern Cali Real 04:29
13 Tha “G” Hussein From Small Time To Big Time 04:09
14 Doebonikz, Sac Sin, Tay Slim I Put Dat On Me 03:45

Disc 2

1 The Jacka TMG Intro 05:20
2 Tha “G” Hussein G You Not! 03:07
3 Doebonikz, Tha “G” Hussein We Turfed Out 03:41
4 Tha “G” Hussein One Of Da First 02:29
5 Tha “G” Hussein Heaven Or Hell 04:11
6 Cali, Macrhuger We Flip Chips 03:26
7 Doebonikz Don’t Hate 00:59
8 The Jacka, Fed X Message From Da Mob 02:07
9 Tha “G” Hussein Resurrect Da Word 05:02
10 Tha “G” Hussein Hit A Nigga In His Shirt 04:51
11 Breadleon, Doebonikz, Tha “G” Hussein, Sac Sin Paper Depression 02:06
12 Young Gasz Dis Shit Right Hea 03:58
13 Doebonikz Ghetro 03:27
14 The Jacka, Sac Sin, Fed X Mob Life 04:32
15 Young Gasz Hello 04:01
16 Young C 60 Bars 03:26
17 Doebonikz, Sac Sin, Fed X Roll Wit Da Mob 03:51
18 Tha “G” Hussein I Remember Growin’ Up 03:31
19 Bay Bay, Chazcalibur I Know You Watchin’ Me/Armageddon 02:58

Album info

Released on January 21, 2014, under Nor Cal Ent., “Welcome to the Turf Volume 2” is a two-disc compilation that serves as a crucial follow-up to Sac-Sin’s initial presentation of “Welcome 2 Da Turf.” This 38-track behemoth of an album gathers an assembly of hardened rap luminaries including Sac-Sin, The Jacka, Fed-X, Young Gasz, and AP.9. With its rooted sensibilities in gangsta and thug rap, the album offers a gripping deep dive into the intricate social structures, economic hardships, and relentless aspirations of those enmeshed in the turf life.

The album initiates with “Turfed Out Mafia Intro,” laying the thematic groundwork for what is to come. Tracks like “Y’all Niggaz Know Me” and “Weed Pillsz Powdah” are gritty chronicles of street cred and hustling, seamlessly blending with aggressive hooks and intricate lyricism.

On “Bird Flu” and “All The Lonely People,” the album pivots to explore the psychological toll that such a lifestyle can exact, encapsulating the solitude and paranoia that often accompany life on the streets. “Blow Out Cha Brainz” and “Hip Hop” serve as meta-commentaries on the genre itself, expounding the power and impact of rap music as a form of social commentary and resistance.

Young Gasz shines particularly on tracks like “Ima Turf Baby” and “Hello,” offering his unique perspective on what it means to be born and raised amidst the perils and allure of turf culture. The track “Good Die Young” brings a hauntingly poignant view on mortality, fitting comfortably with cuts like “Northern Cali Real” and “From Small Time To Big Time,” which delve into the regional flavors and narratives of Northern California.

The second disc offers a continuation of these themes, with “We Turfed Out” and “Don’t Hate” serving as defiant anthems, whereas “Message From Da Mob” and “Mob Life” return to the darker undertones that permeate the album.

Masterfully produced and sequenced, “Welcome to the Turf Volume 2” is not merely an assembly of tracks but a narrative journey. It serves as both a cultural document and a musical milestone, advancing the depth and breadth of what gangsta and thug rap can achieve as forms of storytelling and social critique.

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