Fed-X & The Turf Terminators Co-starring The Jacka - Turfed Out Mafia

Fed-X & The Turf Terminators Co-starring The Jacka – Turfed Out Mafia

Download music album Turfed Out Mafia by Fed-X & The Turf Terminators Co-starring The Jacka, released on September 4, 2007. ℗ Nor Cal Entertainment / Mob Figaz LLC

Fed-X & The Turf Terminators Co-starring The Jacka - Turfed Out Mafia

1 The Jacka Turf Intro 00:43
2 Platinum-T The Word 02:08
3 The Jacka, Fed-X, Sac Sin Mob Life 03:28
4 Sac Sin, Fed-X, Doe Boinkz Roll Wit Tha Mob 03:27
5 Young Celebrity 60 Bars 04:02
6 Doe Boinkz, Sac Sin Turf Muzik 04:00
7 Platinum-T Heaven Or Hell 02:29
8 Doe Boinkz, Breadleon, Platinum-T, Sac Sin Paper Depression 04:51
9 Fed-X, Young Celebrity, Sac Sin Simple And Easy 123 03:45
10 Sac Sin Slump Slump 04:16
11 Young Celebrity, The Jacka, Fed-X Message From Tha Mob 00:59
12 Fed-X, Sac Sin, The Jacka Gangsterism 03:43
13 Fed-X, Turf Terminators Ressurect The Word (Interlude) 01:16

Album info

Released in 2007 under the labels Nor Cal Entertainment and Mob Figaz LLC, “Turfed Out Mafia” brings together a powerhouse of rap talent, featuring Fed-X and The Turf Terminators co-starring The Jacka. This album is an unfiltered journey into the realities of gangsta and thug rap, blending dark narratives with intricate lyricism, while capturing the authentic essence of the streets.

The album kicks off with “Turf Intro” by The Jacka, setting the stage for a high-octane experience. The Jacka, a respected figure in the Bay Area rap scene, lends his voice to multiple tracks, including the gripping “Mob Life” alongside Fed-X and Sac Sin, offering an insider’s view of organized crime and street dynamics.

Tracks like “Roll Wit Tha Mob” by Sac Sin, Fed-X, and Doe Bonikz and “Turf Muzik” by Doe Bonikz and Sac Sin further anchor the album in the gritty terrains of gangsterism. Young Celebrity breaks in with “60 Bars,” a rapid-fire lyrical explosion that leaves a lasting impression.

“Heaven or Hell” by Platinum-T presents an existential dilemma, questioning the morality of actions and the ultimate price one might have to pay. The collaborative “Paper Depression” featuring Doe Bonikz, Breadleon, Platinum-T, and Sac Sin lays bare the struggles of economic disparity, while tracks like “Simple and Easy 123” by Fed-X, Young Celebrity, and Sac Sin make street life sound almost like child’s play, albeit with a sinister undertone.

“Slump Slump” by Sac Sin offers a deep dive into the harsh realities of life on the turf, rounding off with “Gangsterism” featuring Fed-X, Sac Sin, and The Jacka, which stands as a manifesto for the characters that inhabit this world.

The album showcases superb production and was mixed at Nor Cal Studios and mastered at Trakworx, ensuring a high-quality sound that does justice to the hard-hitting lyrics. Executive-produced by Fed-X and The Jacka, and featuring a design layout by C-4, “Turfed Out Mafia” is a critical entry in the gangsta rap canon, reflecting the complexities of street life while serving as a stark reminder of its perils and allure.

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