Sicx - If These Walls Could Talk

Sicx – If These Walls Could Talk

February 9, 1999

Download music album If These Walls Could Talk by Sicx, released on February 9, 1999. ℗ Siccmade Muzicc

Sicx - If These Walls Could Talk

1 Sicx If These Walls Could Talk 01:03
2 Sicx, D-Dubb Marination 01:25
3 Sicx Jesus Christ 00:35
4 Sicx The Unholy 03:21
5 Sicx, C.O.S., Dubb Sak I Was Taught 05:50
6 Sicx Be 4 Tha Nitez Up 04:18
7 Sicx, Swartzaniggaz Razors & Alcohol 04:53
8 Sicx, Popcorn Not Cho Average 05:03
9 Sicx Killing Fields 03:48
10 Sicx, Brotha Lynch Hung Tremendous 03:59
11 Sicx Killa Nigga Nite 04:16
12 Sicx, Loki On One 03:38
13 Sicx Save My Daddy 00:16
14 Sicx, Fignaytion Basket Case 03:14
15 Sicx Like To Bleed 03:48

Album info

“Sicx – If These Walls Could Talk” is a potent contribution to the Gangsta Hip Hop genre that melds hard-hitting lyricism with high-quality production. The album, released in the United States by Siccmade Muzicc in 1999, exhibits Sicx’s raw storytelling skills in the midst of his tumultuous personal life.

The album’s title track, “If These Walls Could Talk,” sets the tone, mirroring the theme of concealed stories and the secrets held within the confines of urban existence. The album offers a series of compelling features, including collaborations with D-Dubb on “Marination,” C.O.S. and Dubb Sak on “I Was Taught,” Swartzaniggaz on “Razors & Alcohol,” and Brotha Lynch Hung on “Tremendous.” These collaborations intensify the album’s diverse soundscape, adding different perspectives to Sicx’s unfiltered narratives.

The production, predominantly handled by Brotha Lynch Hung, Fingatips, and Sicx himself, creates an atmospheric and sometimes eerie backdrop that enhances the overall aura of the album. Of particular note is the title track’s sample from Nobuo Uematsu’s “You Can Hear The Cry Of The Planet,” part of the iconic “Final Fantasy VII” video game soundtrack, hinting at Sicx’s ability to blend unconventional elements into his music.

The album’s artwork and design, managed by Drive By Design, complements the thematic undercurrents of the music, presenting a visual representation of the unsettling narratives that dominate the album. However, the album also becomes an artifact of Sicx’s controversial history, his gritty lyricism and storytelling abilities are forever tied to his eventual conviction.

Despite its release amidst controversy, “Sicx – If These Walls Could Talk” remains a significant offering in the Gangsta Hip Hop genre. The album exemplifies the raw, unfiltered narratives and distinctive production that defined the late ’90s hip-hop scene, encapsulating the essence of Sicx as an artist, irrespective of his contentious legacy.

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