Sac-Sin - All Out Hustla

Sac-Sin – All Out Hustla

Download music album All Out Hustla by Sac-Sin, released on September 12, 2001. ℗ Ginja Bread Man Muzik / Diamond Life Recordz

Sac-Sin - All Out Hustla

1 Sac-Sin Mayhem 00:48
2 Sac-Sin These Wicked Streets 03:04
3 Sac-Sin Slump Slump 03:06
4 Sac-Sin All Out Hustla 03:40
5 Sac-Sin, Coolie-T In This Traffic 02:43
6 Sac-Sin, Spice 1, Carlito Poppin Collar 03:02
7 Sac-Sin Heavy On Tha Grind 03:38
8 Sac-Sin The X-Filez 03:00
9 Sac-Sin Cutty Knock 02:25
10 Sac-Sin, Kaptain Hook Hate If You Want 2 03:39
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11 Sac-Sin It’s Lights Camera Action…. 00:16
12 Sac-Sin Boss Life 02:39
13 Sac-Sin, Legend (A.K.A Evelish Ways) So Sick 04:12
14 Sac-Sin, C-Lim, Chopah, Young Feirce, Luni Coleone, N-Gang, Tre-8 Bustin Shortsz 04:42
15 Sac-Sin Neighborhood Birds 00:30
16 Sac-Sin Slump Slump (Crackknutty Mix) 03:10
17 Sac-Sin These Wicked Streets (Super Sport Mix) 03:24
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18 Sac-Sin Taken Flight…. 01:00

Album info

Released in 2001, “All Out Hustla” is Sac-Sin’s testament to the Gangsta Hip Hop genre, an album that unflinchingly takes listeners into the heart of street life, exploring themes of hustle, survival, and ambition. The album, released under Ginja Bread Man Muzik and Diamond Life Recordz, showcases Sac-Sin’s deft lyricism and storytelling abilities, offering a vivid portrayal of life in Sacramento, CA.

The album kicks off with “Mayhem” and “These Wicked Streets,” setting the stage with hard-hitting beats and gritty verses. These tracks are closely followed by “Slump Slump,” and the title track, “All Out Hustla,” which further delves into the themes of street hustling and the relentless pursuit of success, even in the face of adversity.

“In This Traffic,” featuring Coolie-T, is a sonic shift, blending in melodic hooks with raw verses, offering a contrast to the rest of the album. The collaborations continue with “Poppin Collar,” which features the vocal prowess of Spice 1 and Carlito. Their distinctive styles add layers to the album’s already complex narrative, adding more dimensions to the sound.

Sac-Sin keeps up the momentum with tracks like “Heavy On Tha Grind,” “The X-Filez,” and “Cutty Knock,” each song bringing something unique to the album. “Hate If You Want 2” featuring Kaptain Hook, is a highlight, seamlessly blending the different styles of the artists.

“So Sick” and “Bustin Shortsz” further enhance the collaborative aspect of the album, featuring performances by Legend (A.K.A Evelish Ways), C-Lim, Chopah, Young Feirce, Luni Coleone, N-Gang, and Tre-8, creating a potent blend of lyrical talent.

The album ends with “Taken Flight,” leaving the listener with a sense of having journeyed through Sac-Sin’s world. Overall, “All Out Hustla” is an impactful album that paints a vivid picture of the street life narrative in Gangsta Hip Hop, cementing Sac-Sin’s place in the genre.

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