Sac-Sin - Point Blank Range Compilation

Sac-Sin – Point Blank Range Compilation

January 1, 1997

Download music album Point Blank Range Compilation by Sac-Sin, released in 1997. ℗ Diamond Life Records

Sac-Sin - Point Blank Range Compilation

1 Sac-Sin Everybody Wants To Be A Playa 00:42
2 Head Shots 2 Fo’ 30, 3 Fo’ 50 04:17
3 Brotha Lynch Hung R.I.P. Blockstyle 03:04
4 Gee-Que G’s, Playas & Hustlas 03:45
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5 African Identity Make Money Money. 03:46
6 Funk Affiliated Still Strugglin’ 04:44
7 Geto Made Keep ‘Em Shook 04:01
8 Black Dynasty, Dru Down, Dangerous Dame Deep East Oakland (Remix) 05:43
9 Sac-Sin Sideways 03:37
10 Lil’ Ric, Mr. Brainy, Grope-1 This Is How We Chill 04:21
11 51.50 Bump-A-Bitch 04:13
12 D.F.M. Down Fo’ Mine 05:32
13 Fatal Mentality Million Dollar Dream 03:56
14 Black Nate Despising Yo Homies 03:27
15 Land Of Da Lost Soup Kitchen 04:20
16 Nate Fox Bust-A-Nut 04:18
17 Sac-Sin Sideways (Coloma Foe Life Mix) 03:04
18 D-Law, Dre Man At The Laylow 04:26

Album info

“Point Blank Range Compilation” is a dynamic album put together by the American hip hop artist Sac-Sin. Released under Diamond Life Records in 1997, this compilation is a diverse collection of G-Funk and Gangsta-style tracks reflecting the iconic west coast hip hop sound of the era. The album’s roots in Sacramento, California, underline its cultural authenticity and reveal the flourishing hip hop scene in the city at the time.

The compilation opens with Sac-Sin’s “Everybody Wants To Be A Playa,” setting a vibrant tone for the record. It swiftly moves into tracks like “2 Fo’ 30, 3 Fo’ 50” by Head Shots, showcasing the breadth of talent within the hip hop community. Noteworthy contributors such as Brotha Lynch Hung and Gee-Que further amplify the album’s overall depth.

Sac-Sin intersperses his own tracks throughout the compilation, including the captivating “Sideways” and its remix, “Sideways (Coloma Foe Life Mix).” The compilation also showcases influential figures from the era, like Dru Down and Dangerous Dame, who feature on Black Dynasty’s “Deep East Oakland (Remix).”

The compilation remains thematically consistent, with each track offering insights into the struggles and triumphs of street life. From the funk-infused “Still Strugglin'” by Funk Affiliated to the hard-hitting “Bump-A-Bitch” by 51.50, each track contributes to the album’s distinct and rich texture.

The compilation concludes with “At The Laylow” by D-Law and Dre Man, tying together the narrative threads of the album. Executive Producer Charles E. Howard and Master Dave G, who also worked on various tracks, play crucial roles in curating this compilation. They succeed in offering a snapshot of the hip hop scene at the time, highlighting the talents of Sac-Sin and his peers.

“Point Blank Range Compilation” remains a key testament to Sac-Sin’s ability to gather a spectrum of voices under a single banner. This compilation offers a valuable perspective on the breadth and depth of hip hop during this period, making it a must-have for enthusiasts of the genre.

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