Various - Tha Ginja Bread Compilation Vol. 1 & 2 Point Blank Range

Various – Tha Ginja Bread Compilation Vol. 1 & 2 Point Blank Range

February 27, 2001

Download music album Tha Ginja Bread Compilation Vol. 1 & 2 Point Blank Range by Various, released on February 27, 2001. ℗ Ginja Bread Man Muzik

Various - Tha Ginja Bread Compilation Vol. 1 & 2 Point Blank Range

1 GMB Muzik Intro 00:45
2 C-Bo, Dem Villenz Number 1 Villain 04:36
3 Mac Mall, Baby J Self Defense 03:37
4 Mr. Kee, Dutch, Shey Shady Wit Me Or Against Me 04:10
5 The Delinquents, Whoride Smokin Em’ Like A Joint 04:48
6 Yun-Gun, S-Fury Chrome D’z 03:40
7 Mr. Kee, Yun-Gun, Ginja Bread Man Fo Tha BG’z 03:53
8 X-Raided, Yungun Deadly Desciples 03:38
9 Ginja Bread Man I Am Tha Beast 04:07
10 Loced Out Lunatics Out Tha Gate 05:08
11 Brotha Lynch Hung Rest In Piss Block Style (Remix) 03:03
12 Land Of Da Lost Soup Kitchen 04:19
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13 Identity Make Money Money… 03:47
14 Black Dynasty, Dangerous Dame, Dru Down Deep East Oakland 05:43
15 51.50 Bump A Bitch 04:12
16 Celly Cel, San Quinn, Messy Marv, Black Nate Connecto 04:23
17 Caliko Family Full Playa’z 03:57
18 Gee-Que Smoke Session 03:05

Album info

“Tha Ginja Bread Compilation Vol. 1 & 2 Point Blank Range,” released under Ginja Bread Man Muzik in 2001, is a compelling compilation featuring a mix of renowned and rising talents in the Gangsta-style Hip Hop scene. Spanning an array of tracks, this compilation offers an alluring blend of the hip-hop genre, with beats ranging from laid-back to vigorous, and lyrics centered on street life experiences, depicting the highs and lows.

The compilation starts with GMB’s “Muzik Intro,” setting the stage for the robust line-up of artists to follow. C-Bo and Dem Villenz’s track “Number 1 Villain” and Mac Mall and Baby J’s “Self Defense,” both produced by Joker, set the tone early on with hard-hitting beats and potent lyricism.

The album brings together the dynamism of artists like Mr. Kee, Yun-Gun, and Ginja Bread Man in tracks like “Wit Me Or Against Me” and “Fo Tha BG’z”. The former, produced by Flagg-Nutt and Lou-Nutt, boasts a captivating rhythm, while the latter serves as an impressive testament to the artists’ lyrical prowess.

Tha Ginja Bread Compilation wouldn’t be complete without a solo from its namesake, Ginja Bread Man. “I Am Tha Beast,” self-produced, stands out as a bold and confident declaration of the artist’s abilities. Similarly, tracks like “Deadly Desciples” by X-Raided and Yungun, and “Out Tha Gate” by Loced Out Lunatics, bring the album’s edgy, no-nonsense vibe to the forefront.

The compilation also pays homage to veterans in the game, featuring Brotha Lynch Hung’s remix of “Rest In Piss Block Style.” Other notable contributors, such as Celly Cel, San Quinn, and Messy Marv on “Connecto,” lend their distinct styles to the album, further enriching its overall soundscape.

Closing with Gee-Que’s “Smoke Session,” the album rounds off with a balanced mix of rhythmic production and potent storytelling. In essence, “Tha Ginja Bread Compilation Vol. 1 & 2 Point Blank Range” is a riveting collection of tracks that serve as a reflection of the depth and breadth of talent within the Gangsta Hip Hop scene of the time.

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