Phonk Beta - Phonkphenomenon

Phonk Beta – Phonkphenomenon

Download music album Phonkphenomenon by Phonk Beta, released on August 23, 2005. ℗ Siccmade Muzicc / Innovative Distribution Network

Phonk Beta - Phonkphenomenon

1 Phonk Beta Intro 01:05
2 Phonk Beta, Brotha Lynch Hung, Mally Mall Money Rite Now 04:18
3 Phonk Beta Bad Dreams 04:17
4 Phonk Beta Insert #1 00:26
5 Phonk Beta, First Degree The D.E. Diggin All In The Soil 03:08
6 Phonk Beta In The Picture Now 02:52
7 Phonk Beta Beat #1 02:54
8 Phonk Beta, D-Dubb Have My Time 05:30
9 Phonk Beta Dr. Doggystyle@aol.Com 04:09
10 Phonk Beta, Brotha Lynch Hung, C.O.S. Consequences 04:03
11 Phonk Beta, Loki, Mally Mall, T.A., Zo Street Hustle 04:27
12 Phonk Beta, RedBone Rush In The Spot 04:25
13 Phonk Beta, Zagg Butter & Bread 03:46
14 Phonk Beta, Brotha Lynch Hung, C.O.S. Drink 2 Much 04:09
15 Phonk Beta, C.O.S., Loki Who Ya Lookin For 05:01
16 Phonk Beta, 2 Scoops Novocain 04:25
17 Phonk Beta, Devious, N-Pire Pistol In The Bacc 04:37
18 Phonk Beta The Scent 03:08
19 Phonk Beta Outro 00:12

Album info

“Phonkphenomenon” is a notable Hip Hop album released in 2005 by the acclaimed artist Phonk Beta, also known as Fingertipps, a remarkable producer hailing from Sacramento, California. This album, under the Siccmade Muzicc label, effectively merges elements of Gangsta and Phonk styles to create a captivating and immersive listening experience.

The album commences with an “Intro,” setting the stage for the rich array of tracks that follow. The second track, “Money Rite Now,” is a collaboration with Brotha Lynch Hung and Mally Mall, showcasing Phonk Beta’s ability to blend his style with other artists’ to create unique and compelling compositions.

“Bad Dreams” and “Insert #1” lead listeners deeper into the album’s core, paving the way for “Diggin All In The Soil” featuring First Degree The D.E. The diverse tracks “In The Picture Now” and “Beat #1” further illustrate Phonk Beta’s wide-ranging musical prowess.

The middle part of the album presents a series of engaging collaborations. “Have My Time” features D-Dubb, while “Dr. Doggystyle@aol.Com” serves as an intriguing intermission before the intense “Consequences,” which features Brotha Lynch Hung and C.O.S. Further, “Street Hustle” and “Rush In The Spot,” featuring several other artists, add even more flavor and complexity to the album.

In the concluding portion of “Phonkphenomenon,” listeners are treated to “Butter & Bread” with Zagg, “Drink 2 Much” with Brotha Lynch Hung and C.O.S., and “Who Ya Lookin For” with C.O.S. and Loki. “Novocain,” featuring 2 Scoops, “Pistol In The Bacc” with Devious and N-Pire, and “The Scent” make for a solid ending, leading smoothly into the “Outro.”

“Phonkphenomenon” aptly demonstrates Phonk Beta’s unique sound and creative versatility. His ability to blend different styles while also incorporating other artists’ talents creates an album that is not only representative of his work but also contributes significantly to the genre. His authentic Phonk style resonates throughout, making “Phonkphenomenon” a distinctive piece in the world of Hip Hop.

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