P-Folks - Da Zoo: Slippin' Wit Ya White Shoes On

P-Folks – Da Zoo: Slippin’ Wit Ya White Shoes On

Download music album Da Zoo: Slippin’ Wit Ya White Shoes On by P-Folks, released on June 10, 2008. ℗ Big Bread Entertainment

P-Folks - Da Zoo: Slippin' Wit Ya White Shoes On

1 P-Folks Intro 01:23
2 P-Folks Da Zoo 04:09
3 P-Folks, Baby Bubb, Doey Rock Cali Boyz 04:05
4 P-Folks Wind Blows 04:38
5 P-Folks My Story 04:18
6 P-Folks Downfall 04:21
7 P-Folks, Brotha Lynch Hung, Tall Cann One,2,3 04:20
8 P-Folks Lifetime 04:31
9 P-Folks, Spice-1 Gimme Sum 04:49
10 P-Folks F*ck Wit Us 03:00
11 P-Folks Bread Donaz 03:14
12 P-Folks, Polo Da Triggaman F*ck’em 04:15
13 P-Folks, Aguny Ace, Fabolous Versatility 02:02
14 P-Folks, Michelob, 4-Tay Get Yo Papa 03:43
15 P-Folks, E-Clips, Shagzilla 2 Jiggaz 05:09
16 P-Folks, Twamp Dog X-Girl 05:55
17 P-Folks, Yukmouth Let’em Know 04:43
18 P-Folks Ride Wit It 04:12

Album info

“Da Zoo: Slippin’ Wit Ya White Shoes On” is a commanding Hip Hop album by P-Folks, a revered gangsta rapper hailing from Sacramento, California. Released in 2008 under Big Bread Entertainment, this is P-Folks’ second and sadly, his last album due to his untimely demise in 2009. P-Folks, whose real name was Robert Lawrence Pierce III, was also known by his alias, Roulette.

The album opens with a succinct, yet impactful “Intro,” which segues into the title track “Da Zoo,” a potent combination of P-Folks’ intense lyricism and distinctive beats. This energy is carried forward into the third track “Cali Boyz,” a collaborative effort featuring Baby Bubb and Doey Rock that pays homage to their California roots.

P-Folks continued to blend poignant storytelling with powerful rhythms in songs like “Wind Blows” and “My Story,” the latter of which offers a more personal glimpse into his life. “Downfall” continues this trend, resonating with P-Folks’ gritty realism and lyrical complexity.

The album boasts an array of collaborations with notable figures in the genre, starting with “One,2,3,” a track featuring Brotha Lynch Hung and Tall Cann. P-Folks also collaborated with Spice-1 on “Gimme Sum,” a high-energy track that highlights their synergy.

“Bread Donaz” and “Fck Wit Us” deliver hard-hitting verses, while “Fck’em” featuring Polo Da Triggaman demonstrates P-Folks’ unapologetic style. The song “Versatility,” featuring Aguny Ace and renowned rapper Fabolous, lives up to its name by showcasing the diversity and adaptability of P-Folks’ rap style.

Later tracks like “Get Yo Papa,” featuring Michelob and 4-Tay, and “2 Jiggaz,” featuring E-Clips and Shagzilla, continue to captivate with P-Folks’ gripping narratives and vibrant beats. The album concludes with “Ride Wit It,” a track that encapsulates the essence of P-Folks’ unique artistry.

The production team behind “Da Zoo: Slippin’ Wit Ya White Shoes On” includes Aguny Ase, Baby Bubb, Doey Rock, E-Clips, Sean T, and Vince V. Their contributions create a diverse soundscape that complements P-Folks’ street-savvy lyrics and enhances the overall listening experience.

P-Folks’ passing in 2009 was a significant loss to the Hip Hop community. He was not just a rapper, but a storyteller who used his lyrics to reflect the raw reality of street life in Sacramento. His death left a void in the genre, but “Da Zoo: Slippin’ Wit Ya White Shoes On” remains as a testament to his talent and legacy.

The album captures P-Folks’ essence, his struggles, and triumphs, serving as a sonic memoir of his life. His skillful blend of gangsta rap and hardcore Hip Hop elements, paired with his raw storytelling, lends the album a timeless quality. It’s an enduring tribute to a rapper who left the stage too soon but left an indelible mark on Hip Hop with his authenticity and craft.

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