P-Folks - Smoke In-Halation, Blood, Sweat & Tears

P-Folks – Smoke In-Halation, Blood, Sweat & Tears

Download music album Smoke In-Halation, Blood, Sweat & Tears by P-Folks, released on June 13, 2000. ℗ Big Bread Entertainment

P-Folks - Smoke In-Halation, Blood, Sweat & Tears

1 P-Folks Intro 02:12
2 P-Folks, Smurf Concealed 02:21
3 P-Folks 100’s To 20’s 03:44
4 P-Folks 644 05:24
5 P-Folks Brutality 04:18
6 P-Folks, Polo Da Triggaman Pointen Fingaz 05:05
7 P-Folks, Spice 1 Ha! Ha! 03:56
8 P-Folks, Dubb 1, Shaggy Hogg Warthogg 03:27
9 P-Folks, Brotha Lynch Hung Animosity 05:20
10 P-Folks, Polo Da Triggaman Weight And Measure 03:23
11 P-Folks, Brotha Lynch Hung, Spice 1 Dramatic 04:08
12 P-Folks, D-Dubb, Twamp One Night Stand 07:25
13 P-Folks Tribute 05:02
14 P-Folks, First Degree Inhale Da Smoke 04:57
15 P-Folks Head Trama 03:17
16 P-Folks, Dubb Sak, Greedy, Killa Tay Faces 04:28
17 P-Folks Just 2 Much 03:46
18 P-Folks Outro 00:36

Album info

“Smoke In-Halation, Blood, Sweat & Tears” is an expressive Hip Hop album by P-Folks, a widely respected gangsta rapper from Sacramento, California. Released in 1999 under the Big Bread Entertainment label, this 18-track album stands as a testament to P-Folks’ authentic storytelling and lyrical prowess. Unfortunately, P-Folks, real name Robert Lawrence Pierce III, also known under the alias Roulette, passed away in 2009, making this album an important part of his musical legacy.

The album opens with a powerful intro that immediately draws the listener into P-Folks’ world. Following the Intro is “Concealed,” a track featuring Smurf, which sets the tone for the rest of the album, showcasing the gritty storytelling and unique lyricism P-Folks is known for.

The song “100’s To 20’s,” with vocals by Andrea T., is a candid portrayal of street life. This trend continues with “644,” a track featuring D-Dubb and Mr. Walker, that resonates with a striking blend of streetwise lyrics and intricate beats.

One of the album’s highlights is the song “Brutality,” a solo piece by P-Folks that vividly portrays the harsh realities of the streets. Further tracks like “Pointen Fingaz,” featuring Polo Da Triggaman, and “Ha! Ha!,” featuring renowned rapper Spice 1, continue to deliver solid gangsta rap compositions with engaging lyrical narratives.

The album does not shy away from collaborations with other notable names in the genre, such as “Animosity” featuring Brotha Lynch Hung, and “Dramatic” with appearances by Brotha Lynch Hung and Spice 1 again. These collaborations enrich the album’s diverse soundscape, adding unique voices to P-Folks’ storytelling.

In tracks like “Inhale Da Smoke,” featuring First Degree, P-Folks showcases his ability to masterfully blend hard-hitting beats with insightful lyrics, creating an atmosphere that is both powerful and relatable. The album then concludes with the “Outro,” wrapping up the narrative while leaving a lasting impression.

Throughout “Smoke In-Halation, Blood, Sweat & Tears,” P-Folks co-produces a number of tracks, demonstrating his versatility as both a rapper and producer. The album benefits from a wide array of producers such as Brotha Lynch Hung, Camacauz-z, Fingertipps, Lokei, and Siccmade, adding layers of musical depth to P-Folks’ lyrics.

Executive Producer Young Tone Da Goombata plays an integral role in the album’s creation, ensuring a cohesive vision and direction for the entire project. The album’s visual elements, including design and layout by Serious Art/Fx and photography by Marta Diaz, further contribute to the overall aesthetic of the project, encapsulating the essence of P-Folks’ raw and unfiltered style.

Despite his untimely passing, P-Folks left an indelible mark on the Hip Hop scene. “Smoke In-Halation, Blood, Sweat & Tears” is a seminal work in his discography, painting a vivid portrait of life on the streets of Sacramento at the turn of the century. The album’s blend of raw storytelling, lyrical dexterity, and hard-hitting beats ensures its place in the annals of gangsta rap.

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