Lil' Cyco - Get Money, Have Heart

Lil’ Cyco – Get Money, Have Heart

August 15, 2006

Download music album Get Money, Have Heart by Lil’ Cyco, released on August 15, 2006. ℗ Mob Shop Entertainment

Lil' Cyco - Get Money, Have Heart

1 Lil’ Cyco Intro (Crack Music) 01:01
2 Lil’ Cyco I Am 04:00
3 Lil’ Cyco, AP9, Pretty Black War Pact 03:50
4 Lil’ Cyco, Coz Pacino, Gonzoe Bust My Gun 03:31
5 Lil’ Cyco, Smigg Dirtee, Tha Realest Touchin Tickets 03:53
6 Lil’ Cyco Countin’ Money 03:58
7 Lil’ Cyco, C-Bo, Tha Realest Ridin’ Wit Me 03:59
8 Lil’ Cyco, AP9, Young Fatz Duck Down 03:45
9 Lil’ Cyco, Big Baby, Laroo Stack Somethin’ 03:54
10 Lil’ Cyco My New Style 03:00
11 Lil’ Cyco, Gonzoe Fuck Ya’ll 02:48
12 Lil’ Cyco Put The Whip On The Work 04:07
13 Lil’ Cyco, Ampichino, Fed-X Witch It Up 03:03
14 Lil’ Cyco, AP9, Husalah Get It How You Want It 03:21
15 Lil’ Cyco Give Me Some More 02:39
16 Lil’ Cyco, Big Baby, Young Fatz Show Em How We… 04:23
17 Lil’ Cyco, AP9, Fed-X, Gonzoe, Husalah Mob: The Grand Finale 04:47

Album review

“Get Money, Have Heart” is a powerful and hard-hitting album by Lil’ Cyco, released in 2006 under the Mob Shop Entertainment label. This hip-hop album features 17 tracks that showcase Lil’ Cyco’s raw talent and lyrical prowess, while also exploring themes of hustle, loyalty, and survival in the streets. The album includes an impressive line-up of featured artists and collaborations, adding to the depth and appeal of the record.

The album begins with “Intro (Crack Music),” a one-minute track that sets the stage for what’s to come. “I Am,” the second track, delivers a strong statement of self-identity and purpose, solidifying Lil’ Cyco’s place in the rap game. The third track, “War Pact,” features AP9 and Pretty Black, and delves into themes of loyalty and commitment in the face of adversity.

“Bust My Gun,” the fourth track, features Coz Pacino and Gonzoe, further reinforcing the album’s street-wise attitude. “Touchin Tickets,” featuring Smigg Dirtee and Tha Realest, focuses on the pursuit of money and success in the challenging world of the streets. The sixth track, “Countin’ Money,” continues this theme, celebrating the rewards of hard work and hustle.

“Ridin’ Wit Me” features C-Bo and Tha Realest and captures the camaraderie and loyalty among those who stand together in tough times. The eighth track, “Duck Down,” features AP9 and Young Fatz, and explores the need for survival instincts in a dangerous environment. “Stack Somethin’,” featuring Big Baby and Laroo, is another testament to the hustle mentality, emphasizing the importance of building wealth and success.

“My New Style,” the tenth track, showcases Lil’ Cyco’s versatility and adaptability as an artist. “Fuck Ya’ll,” featuring Gonzoe, is a defiant and unapologetic statement aimed at the rapper’s detractors. “Put The Whip On The Work” continues the theme of hustling and grinding to achieve success.

“Witch It Up,” featuring Ampichino and Fed-X, adds another layer of complexity to the album, demonstrating the power of collaboration and unity in the rap game. “Get It How You Want It,” featuring AP9 and Husalah, further emphasizes the importance of persistence and determination in achieving one’s goals.

“Give Me Some More” serves as a request for more of the good things in life, while “Show Em How We…,” featuring Big Baby and Young Fatz, is a testament to the strength and resilience of those who persevere in the face of adversity. The album concludes with “Mob: The Grand Finale,” a powerful collaboration featuring AP9, Fed-X, Gonzoe, and Husalah, bringing the album full circle and solidifying its themes of loyalty, hustle, and strength.

“Get Money, Have Heart” is a memorable album that showcases Lil’ Cyco’s talent and artistic vision. It features a strong line-up of collaborations and an engaging mix of themes that resonate with fans of authentic street-oriented hip-hop. This album serves as a reminder of Lil’ Cyco’s impact on the rap scene and his unwavering commitment to telling the stories of the streets.

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