C-Bo Presents LIQ - 36

C-Bo Presents LIQ – 36

Download music album 36 by C-Bo Presents LIQ, released in 2013. ℗ Smg (Sac Music Group) / City Hall Records / West Coast Mafia Records

C-Bo Presents LIQ - 36

1 LIQ, Nino Black 36 04:26
2 LIQ Rules 04:25
3 LIQ, T-Nutty, Lil Meek Grindin 04:04
4 LIQ Britney 06:09
5 LIQ Old Skool Nigga 04:30
6 LIQ $long 03:25
7 LIQ, Lil’ Rue, Philthy Rich World Is Crazy 03:58
8 LIQ Messy Money 04:00
9 LIQ, Lil Meek Go Fed 02:24
10 LIQ, Lil Meek, Charitte Hold On 03:07
11 LIQ, Charitte Romantic 02:53
12 LIQ, Retro Close To None 04:01
13 LIQ, Retro All The Way 04:25
14 LIQ, Cashley Lights 04:26
15 LIQ, Young Liife Back Door 04:18
16 LIQ, Karega Bailey Don’t Mix 03:50
17 LIQ In Cali 03:47
18 LIQ, Rydah J. Klyde Ayyy! 04:24
19 LIQ, Latiff Brown Saxophone 03:45

Album info

Released in 2013 under the labels SMG (Sac Music Group), City Hall Records, and West Coast Mafia Records, the album “36” serves as a powerful testament to LIQ’s skill set and the far-reaching influence of presenter C-Bo. Seamlessly blending Gangsta and Thug Rap styles, the album offers a panorama of life experiences filtered through the hard-hitting lens of hip-hop.

The album opens up with the titular track “36,” featuring Nino Black, setting the tone for a project that doesn’t shy away from exploring the grittier aspects of life. From there, it takes listeners on a sonic journey through tracks like “Rules” and “$long,” where LIQ asserts himself as a master storyteller, weaving intricate narratives with clever wordplay and rhythmic finesse.

A standout element of “36” is its collaborative spirit, much like LIQ’s earlier works. The track “Grindin,” featuring T-Nutty and Lil Meek, is a testament to LIQ’s ability to bring together disparate voices to create a harmonious yet impactful sound. Other collaborations, such as “World Is Crazy” with Lil’ Rue and Philthy Rich, add a multi-dimensional flair to the album.

The versatility of the album is further evidenced by songs like “Romantic,” featuring Charitte, which shows a softer yet complex side of LIQ, and “In Cali,” which is a pure, unfiltered homage to West Coast life. The album also plays with musical elements beyond the traditional rap paradigm, most notably in “Saxophone,” featuring Latiff Brown, where jazz undertones create an entirely different mood.

Production is consistent throughout, offering a bedrock of hard-hitting beats and samples that allows LIQ to shine. This 19-track offering culminates in a project that is as diverse as it is unified, capturing various moods and sentiments while staying true to its roots.

Overall, “36” by LIQ, presented by C-Bo, stands as an important piece in the modern Gangsta and Thug Rap genres. It offers an authentic, in-depth look into the complexities of life, made richer by its collaborative efforts and top-notch production. From storytelling to lyricism to the nuances of emotion, “36” has it all, making it a must-listen for any aficionado of the genre.

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