Black Mikey - Blackula

Black Mikey – Blackula

January 1, 2009

Download music album Blackula by Black Mikey, released in 2009. ℗ Have At It Ent.

Black Mikey - Blackula

1 Black Mikey, Bravo Southeast 03:54
2 Black Mikey Myspace 04:00
3 Black Mikey, Dee Rat Funk Stay On 04:50
4 Black Mikey, Mitchy Slick South Of The 805 04:38
5 Black Mikey Look Through These Eyes 04:09
6 Black Mikey, Damu For The Whole World 04:03
7 Black Mikey 100 Bars 05:44
8 Black Mikey Puttin’ Extras On It 04:20
9 Black Mikey Pay To Please 04:07
10 Black Mikey, Lil’ Gangsta E, Baby Gangsta E, Mitchy Slick Never Stop 03:59
11 Black Mikey Mothership Konnection 03:30
12 Black Mikey Freeze Up 04:22
13 Black Mikey A Little More 04:13
14 Black Mikey, Milky, Young Smoke Get Bread Niggaz 03:54
15 Black Mikey Operation Underground 04:19
16 Black Mikey F.Y.M. 04:34
17 Black Mikey Push The Line 03:35
18 Black Mikey Street Life 03:59

Album info

“Blackula” by Black Mikey, released under Have At It Entertainment in 2009, is a notable contribution to the West Coast hip-hop scene, particularly from the perspective of a seasoned rapper from Southeast San Diego. This album, presented in a CD-r format, captures the essence of gangsta rap with its unfiltered and gritty depiction of street life.

The album opens with “Southeast,” a track that sets the tone with its vivid storytelling, immersing the listener in the realities of Black Mikey’s world. “Myspace,” likely a nod to the era’s prominent social media platform, possibly explores the intersection of digital presence and street credibility.

“Funk Stay On” maintains the album’s momentum, blending classic funk influences with hard-hitting rap, a signature of Black Mikey’s style. “South Of The 805,” featuring Mitchy Slick, adds depth to the album, providing a collaborative effort that showcases both artists’ lyrical prowess and their connection to the region.

“Look Through These Eyes” offers a more introspective approach, allowing Black Mikey to reflect on his experiences and perspectives. “For The Whole World,” featuring Damu, and “100 Bars” continue to demonstrate his ability to balance storytelling with technical skill.

“Puttin’ Extras On It” and “Pay To Please” delve into the complexities of street transactions and survival. “Never Stop,” another collaboration with Mitchy Slick, reinforces themes of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity.

“Mothership Konnection” and “Freeze Up” diversify the album’s soundscape, while “A Little More” and “Get Bread Niggaz” focus on ambition and the hustle. “Operation Underground” delves deeper into the underbelly of street life.

“F.Y.M.” and “Push The Line” demonstrate Black Mikey’s assertiveness and unapologetic attitude, leading up to the album’s closer, “Street Life,” a summarization of the themes explored throughout the album, encapsulating the harsh realities and rawness of his environment.

“Blackula” stands as a testament to Black Mikey’s authentic representation of his experiences and his environment, contributing to the rich tapestry of hip-hop music and culture from Southeast San Diego. Michael Cunningham’s persona as Black Mikey offers a raw and unfiltered view of life on the streets, marking his place in the genre with vivid storytelling and a deep connection to his roots.