C-Band - Nothing 2 Lose & Alot 2 Gain

C-Band – Nothing 2 Lose & Alot 2 Gain

January 1, 2009

Download music album Nothing 2 Lose & Alot 2 Gain by C-Band, released on January 1, 2009. ℗ Gutterlane

C-Band - Nothing 2 Lose & Alot 2 Gain

1 C-Band Intro 00:24
2 C-Band Nothing 2 Lose & Alot 2 Gain 03:48
3 C-Band Hated By Many 04:40
4 C-Band Bomb 1st 03:42
5 C-Band, Cutthroat Stay Hungry 04:20
6 C-Band Drug Warz 03:50
7 C-Band, Cutthroat When We Were Kids 03:34
8 C-Band, Licwit, Cyco City U Can’t Hide 04:12
9 C-Band Take It Easy 03:43
10 C-Band U Can’t F@!# With C 03:59
11 C-Band, Jay 1 Smile 04:10
12 C-Band 24’s 02:50
13 C-Band, Jay 1 Girl Like You 03:51
14 C-Band Who Can U Trust 03:45
15 C-Band Like A 64 03:49

Album info

“C-Band,” previously known as Contraband, a rapper hailing from San Diego, California, released his album “Nothing 2 Lose & Alot 2 Gain” in 2009 under the Gutterlane Music label. This album, a blend of Gangsta and G-Funk styles, showcases C-Band’s lyrical prowess and his ability to articulate the gritty realities of street life, set against the backdrop of smooth West Coast beats.

The album kicks off with an “Intro,” setting the tone for what’s to come. The title track, “Nothing 2 Lose & Alot 2 Gain,” likely embodies the core theme of the album – the idea of having minimal to lose but much to gain, possibly reflecting C-Band’s personal journey and ambitions.

“Hated By Many” and “Bomb 1st” could delve into themes of rivalry and resilience in the face of adversity, common in Gangsta rap. “Stay Hungry,” featuring Cutthroat, might emphasize the relentless pursuit of success, while “Drug Wars” likely tackles the harsh realities of life involved in the drug trade.

“When We Were Kids,” another collaboration with Cutthroat, could offer a nostalgic look at past innocence, contrasting with current realities. “U Can´t Hide,” featuring Cyco City and Licwit, might discuss the inescapability of one’s past or reality.

“Take It Easy” and “U Can´t F**k With C” possibly showcase C-Band’s confidence and assertiveness, common traits in the genre. “Smile,” featuring Jay 1, could provide a lighter, more uplifting track amidst the album’s heavier themes.

“24´s” might be a nod to car culture, a significant element of West Coast hip-hop, while “Girl Like U,” another track featuring Jay 1, could explore romantic or sexual themes. “Who Can U Trust” and “Like A 64” likely delve into issues of loyalty and betrayal, as well as a homage to classic cars, respectively.

The album’s production features contributions from Cricet, Ice Mike, and Jake One, ensuring a blend of hard-hitting beats and melodious hooks. Mastered by Steve Vicious and mixed by John Russo, “Nothing 2 Lose & Alot 2 Gain” stands as a testament to C-Band’s evolution as an artist and his ability to fuse lyrical depth with engaging rhythms.