T.R.M. - …N My Hooptie

T.R.M. – …N My Hooptie

January 1, 1995

Download music album …N My Hooptie by T.R.M., released in 1995. ℗ E.B. Records / Koskis Mafia Recordings

T.R.M. - …N My Hooptie

1 T.R.M. …N My Hooptie (Radio Edit) 04:43
2 T.R.M. …N My Hooptie (Instrumental) 05:00
3 T.R.M. Say Hoe (Radio Edit) 04:58
4 T.R.M. Say Hoe (Instrumental) 05:17

Album info

In the mid-90s, the West Coast hip-hop scene was a breeding ground for innovation, and The Royal Mixxers’ (also known as T.R.M. or TRM) maxi-single “…N My Hooptie” serves as a testament to this era’s eclectic energy. Released in 1995 under the labels E.B. Records and Koskis Mafia Recordings, this cassette-only release carved a distinct niche within the genre. Hailing from Sacramento, CA, The Royal Mixxers were a significant but often overlooked element of the West Coast rap mosaic.

“…N My Hooptie” is a compact but potent release, featuring four tracks: two radio edits and their corresponding instrumental versions. The title track, “…N My Hooptie (Radio Edit),” is an ode to the humble hooptie, or run-down car, that served as the transport of choice for many aspiring young individuals. It captures the essence of the street, blending narrative and bravado over a G-Jam-produced beat. The instrumental gives space to appreciate the production’s intricate layers, offering a bare canvas for freestyle enthusiasts.

On the flip side, “Say Hoe (Radio Edit)” offers a different angle. It’s a cheeky, somewhat controversial track that dives into the vernacular and dialogues of the time. Just like its counterpart, the instrumental version gives an opportunity to absorb the musical undercurrents in isolation, showcasing the group’s skill in crafting memorable hooks and compelling beats.

Despite the limited length, “…N My Hooptie” captures the zeitgeist of mid-90s West Coast rap. It’s a time capsule, presenting stories from an age where cassettes were king and where the hip-hop scene was undergoing rapid evolution. This maxi-single, though not as widely recognized as works from their contemporaries, should not be underestimated for its cultural and musical contributions. It offers listeners a raw, unfiltered view of life in Sacramento during a transformative period in hip-hop history.

In a genre crowded with big names and bigger attitudes, The Royal Mixxers’ “…N My Hooptie” is a vital but overlooked chapter that adds depth and color to the larger tapestry of West Coast rap.

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