Sickpack - The Hellhole Compilation

Sickpack – The Hellhole Compilation

January 1, 1995

Download music album The Hellhole Compilation by Sickpack, released in 1995. ℗ Last Breath Productions

Sickpack - The Hellhole Compilation

1 Cappacino, Liquid Intro 187 02:28
2 Cappacino Enemies On The Side 04:12
3 Cappacino, Liquid Life In This Hellhole 03:49
4 Bullet, Hex, Liquid, Cap, Kazual Condoms Daily 05:06
5 Explicit In The Dark 05:38
6 Hex Sactown Blues 02:30
7 Bullet, Liquid Tales From The Southside 05:15
8 Hex, Liquid (Interlude) Zone Skills 01:18
9 Liquid Problem Cleaner 03:59
10 Cappacino, Liquid One Foot In The Grave 02:45
11 Cappacino, Liquid Manic Depresant 07:13
12 Liquid (Interlude) Buckshots 02:07
13 K-Z Still Got Love 02:31
14 Bullet, Cappacino Ham Sandwech 04:38
15 Liquid Glock 23 03:02
16 Cappacino Shooting Your Shit 04:16
17 Liquid Beginning Of The End 02:08

Album info

“Sickpack – The Hellhole Compilation” is a powerful exhibit of the 1990s Gangsta Hip Hop genre. Released under Last Breath Productions label with the catalog number CAPNLIQ2, this album was launched in the United States in 1995. The record is formatted on a cassette, making it a true artifact of its era, capturing the raw, gritty essence of the period’s street life and urban realities.

The album starts with ‘Intro 187,’ a 2-minute and 28-second track that plunges the listener straight into the realm of gangsta hip-hop. Tracks like ‘Enemies On The Side’ and ‘Life In This Hellhole’ continue to narrate the struggles and tribulations of street life, bringing a stark honesty to the fore.

The album also features special appearances by Cap and Kazual on ‘Condoms Daily.’ Meanwhile, Explicit, a duo comprised of Kilo and Kool-Aid, performs on the 5-minute 38-second track ‘In The Dark,’ adding a unique touch to the album’s narrative.

Tracks like ‘Sactown Blues,’ ‘Tales From The Southside,’ and ‘Problem Cleaner’ further showcase the artists’ storytelling prowess. This is followed by an interlude, ‘Zone Skills,’ before the cassette flips over to Side B.

Side B contains tracks like ‘One Foot In The Grave,’ ‘Manic Depresant,’ and ‘Glock 23,’ all carrying forward the gritty narrative of the album. ‘Still Got Love,’ performed by K-Z, and ‘Ham Sandwech,’ maintain the intensity of the narrative. ‘Beginning Of The End’ provides a powerful ending to the album, underlining its central theme.

The album’s production credits, with written and composed content by Bullet, Cappacino, Hex, Kilo, Kool-Aid, Liquid, and The Sickpack, adds a depth and variety to the musical expression. “Sickpack – The Hellhole Compilation” is indeed a relic of its time, offering listeners a peek into the struggles and narratives of the era it was born in.