Old-E & Redrum - Aint Nothin Changed

Old-E & Redrum – Aint Nothin Changed

January 1, 1995

Download music album Aint Nothin Changed by Old-E & Redrum, released in 1995. ℗ Lock Down Records

Old-E & Redrum - Aint Nothin Changed

1 Various Intro 01:01
2 Old-E, Redrum Janky Hoes 04:46
3 Old-E Thought Of A Madman 03:47
4 Old-E, Redrum, Shanita Young Street Life 04:54
5 Old-E South Side Soldja 04:44
6 Old-E, Redrum 916 Sickness 04:17
7 Redrum Sick Individuals 03:45
8 Old-E Jack Move 03:34
9 Old-E, Redrum Aint Nothin Changed 04:12
10 Old-E Straight Lace Gansta 03:24
11 Old-E, Redrum Way II Real 02:57
12 Old-E, Redrum Outro 05:31

Album info

“Ain’t Nothin Changed” is a potent fusion of gangsta rap released in 1995 by the Southside Sacramento, California duo, Old-E & Redrum. Distributed by Lock Down Records, this CD album represents a crucial stage in the evolution of the Gangsta Hip Hop style that prevailed during the mid-90s.

Opening with a minute-long intro, the album quickly sets the stage for what is to come: a raw and authentic portrayal of street life through music. The second track, “Janky Hoes,” is a collaborative effort between Old-E and Redrum, and presents listeners with their first taste of the duo’s synergy.

The subsequent tracks, “Thought of a Madman” and “Street Life,” offer a glimpse into the duo’s lyrical storytelling abilities. Their experiences and observations of Southside Sacramento life are vividly portrayed, especially in “South Side Soldja,” “916 Sickness,” and “Sick Individuals.”

“Ain’t Nothin Changed,” the titular track, stands out as a powerful representation of the duo’s experiences and the unchanged realities of their environment. The album closes out with “Straight Lace Gansta,” “Way II Real,” and “Outro,” leaving listeners with a potent taste of the raw energy and authenticity that the duo brings to the genre.

The album’s production was handled by EKO, J-2B, and King Cam, whose unique styles blend seamlessly to create a sound that is gritty yet melodious. The design and photography were managed by Samoht Design and Thomas Gonzales, adding a visual element that complements the raw, unfiltered essence of the music.

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by J-2B and Mystro, the album was executive produced by Jesse Hodge and Redrick Lewis. Big-T (Terrance Hall) provided management, further ensuring the project’s coherence and alignment with the duo’s vision. Finally, the album was pressed by Disctronics USA, and recorded at Raptight Studio, securing its high-quality finish and sonic impact.