X-Raided - …And He Shall Appear

X-Raided – …And He Shall Appear

September 25, 2001

Download music album …And He Shall Appear by X-Raided, released on September 25, 2001. ℗ Madman Records

X-Raided - …And He Shall Appear

1 X-Raided, No Love The Most Wanted 02:58
2 X-Raided Trial By Fury 04:13
3 X-Raided, Kingpen, T-Nutty Game Official 04:07
4 X-Raided, DJ Shareil Kicc It 2Nite 02:58
5 X-Raided What Ever It Took 03:30
6 X-Raided, Kingpen When The Smoke Clears 04:55
7 X-Raided Jealous Fellas 04:36
8 X-Raided, Luni Coleone My Family 03:47
9 X-Raided Witta Mask On Pt. 2 04:36
10 X-Raided Spittin Venom 02:50
11 X-Raided, Kingpen Who But Me 04:16
12 X-Raided Unforgiven 03:26
13 X-Raided Misanthropy 05:24
14 X-Raided Lil Hell Raisor 03:59
15 X-Raided, Dott Dogg Never Loved 04:29
16 X-Raided Meetcha Maker 04:36

Album info

Released in 2001 under Madman Records, “…And He Shall Appear” is a compelling entry in the extensive discography of X-Raided, a rapper known for his raw, unfiltered narratives and controversial themes. With its distinct blend of Thug Rap, Gangsta, and Hardcore Hip-Hop styles, the album builds upon the rapper’s long-standing tradition of exploring the harsh realities of street life.

The album opens with “The Most Wanted,” featuring No Love, instantly setting the tone with its thumping beats and complex lyricism. X-Raided then takes listeners on a deep dive into the urban underworld through tracks like “Trial By Fury” and “Game Official,” the latter featuring Kingpen and T-Nutty.

Big Hollis contributes his production prowess on tracks like “Game Official,” “My Family,” featuring Luni Coleone, and “Meetcha Maker,” crafting beats that complement X-Raided’s intricate storytelling. K.G., another pivotal producer on the album, lends his talents to tracks such as “The Most Wanted,” “Jealous Fellas,” and “Lil Hell Raisor.” DJ Shareil also joins the production lineup, working on a range of songs including “Kicc It 2Nite” and “Spittin Venom.”

A slew of guest features pepper the album, adding layers of complexity and dimension. For instance, DJ Shareil appears on “Kicc It 2Nite,” while Kingpen collaborates on multiple tracks like “Game Official” and “When The Smoke Clears.” Luni Coleone’s appearance on “My Family” brings an emotional weight to the album, exploring themes of loyalty and connection in a turbulent world.

Songs like “Unforgiven” and “Misanthropy” offer listeners a candid look into the psychology of an individual molded by a hostile environment, raising questions about morality, redemption, and the human condition.

Distributed by Bayside Entertainment Distribution and pressed by Rainbo Records, the album enjoys a wide reach, touching fans across different spectrums.

With its daring thematic content and intricate lyricism, “…And He Shall Appear” stands as a testament to X-Raided’s staying power in the world of hardcore hip-hop. The album is a must-listen for those interested in exploring the complexities and contradictions of life on the fringes.

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