Triple Beam - 28g w/o The Bag

Triple Beam – 28g w/o The Bag

February 19, 1999

Download music album 28g w/o The Bag by Triple Beam, released on February 19, 1999. ℗ Black Market Records

Triple Beam - 28g w/o The Bag

1 Triple Beam, Babe Reg, Cevan Segal, Mr. Doctor 28 Grams 04:13
2 Triple Beam, Keek The Sneak My Block 05:09
3 Triple Beam, Al Doja Playaz Only 04:30
4 Triple Beam I Love You 04:15
5 Triple Beam, Stan Blackshire Parking Lot Pimpin 04:13
6 Triple Beam, Keek The Sneak Broke 04:19
7 Triple Beam, Brotha Lynch Don’t Push Me 03:29
8 Triple Beam, Stan Blackshire Pain 03:54
9 Triple Beam, Brotha Lynch Split Yo Face 05:50
10 Triple Beam I Know Where You Sleep 04:09
11 Triple Beam, Stan Blackshire I Get High 04:55
12 Triple Beam, Al Doja Leathal Weapon 05:55
13 Triple Beam, Spice 1 Ride 05:25
14 Triple Beam Down Woman 03:23
15 Triple Beam, Sergent Young Twisted 04:34
16 Triple Beam, Duece Duece of D.R.S., P.C.O Its Going Down 05:13

Album info

Released in 1999 under Black Market Records, “28g w/o The Bag” by Triple Beam stands as a significant chapter in the evolution of gangsta rap, particularly in the Sacramento, California scene. As a trio comprised of Chopah, Pook, and Shotgun, Triple Beam takes listeners on a gritty, sonic journey through the inner workings of street life, struggles, and the hustler’s ambition. This CD album, featuring a generous list of 16 tracks, brings together an assortment of featured artists and producers that contribute to its depth and diversity.

The album opener, “28 Grams,” features Babe Reg, Cevan Segal, and Mr. Doctor, immediately setting the tone with its raw energy and intricate beats produced by KG. “My Block,” featuring Keek The Sneak, delves into the daily life and challenges faced in the neighborhoods of Sacramento.

“Playaz Only,” featuring Al Doja and vocals from Lavell “JB” Brown, serves as an ode to the game, highlighting the exclusivity of a lifestyle led by the street-savvy. This theme is continued in “Parking Lot Pimpin,” which brings in Stan Blackshire to paint a vivid image of street-level dynamics.

Tracks like “Don’t Push Me” featuring Brotha Lynch, and “Pain” featuring Stan Blackshire, are tinged with darker themes, bringing the grim realities of life into the mix. Triple Beam doesn’t shy away from showing the darker aspects of living life on the edge, and this is epitomized in tracks like “Split Yo Face” and “I Know Where You Sleep.”

“I Get High” and “Leathal Weapon” shift gears slightly by delving into the mind-altering aspects of street life. The tracks are laced with metaphors and similes that can only be appreciated fully when absorbed in their entirety.

“Ride,” featuring Spice 1 and produced by Pookie, serves as a standout, offering a nuanced look at loyalty and street politics. The album rounds out with tracks like “Down Woman” and “It’s Going Down,” featuring Duece Duece of D.R.S. and P.C.O., which showcase the versatility and depth of the trio.

Mastered by Lee Richard Thompson and executive produced by Cedric Singleton, who also took charge of the graphics and layout, “28g w/o The Bag” is a well-crafted, authentic representation of gangsta rap from the West Coast, capturing the zeitgeist of its time.

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