Sly Boogy - Judgement Day

Sly Boogy – Judgement Day

August 26, 2003

Download music album Judgement Day by Sly Boogy, released on August 26, 2003. ℗ Bolo Entertainment

Sly Boogy - Judgement Day

1 Sly Boogy Intro 02:09
2 Sly Boogy Fucwitdis 04:47
3 Sly Boogy, Butch Cassidy, Noelle, Truth Hurts California 04:20
4 Sly Boogy Fatal Mistake 04:51
5 Sly Boogy, Saigon Ridiculous 04:08
6 Sly Boogy Live At The Wake Up Show Pt. 1 02:46
7 Sly Boogy Freestyle #1 01:12
8 Sly Boogy, Noelle I Love You Mama 03:59
9 Sly Boogy Skit – “The I.E.” 01:24
10 Sly Boogy Jackin’ 4 Beats 04:11
11 Sly Boogy, Saigon Clickclick (Booyaka) 03:32
12 Sly Boogy Walk With My Dogs 04:30
13 Sly Boogy Live At The Wake Up Show Pt. 2 01:26
14 Sly Boogy Freestyle #2 01:33
15 Sly Boogy Skit – “Voice Mail” 02:42
16 Sly Boogy One Nite Stand 04:27
17 Sly Boogy Skit – “Ass And Titties” 00:37
18 Sly Boogy Sashay 04:08
19 Sly Boogy Summer Time (Show Me Love) 04:04
20 Sly Boogy Haters 04:10
21 Sly Boogy Freestyle #3 14:21

Album info

“Sly Boogy – Judgement Day” is an album that stands out in the landscape of early 2000s hip hop, offering a compelling blend of lyrical dexterity and production excellence. Released on August 26, 2003, under Bolo Entertainment, the album showcases Sly Boogy’s versatility as an artist and has been crafted with contributions from a range of talented producers and guest artists.

The album opens with an “Intro” produced by King Tech, setting the stage for a journey through Sly Boogy’s lyrical world. “Fucwitdis,” produced by DJ Revolution, dives into the raw and unapologetic style that characterizes much of the album. The track “California,” featuring Butch Cassidy, Noelle*, and Truth Hurts, and produced by Focus, offers a melodic homage to Sly Boogy’s roots, blending smooth hooks with sharp verses.

“Fatal Mistake,” produced by Jake One, continues the narrative with its hard-hitting beats, while “Ridiculous,” featuring Saigon and produced by Levelz, is a standout track that showcases Sly Boogy’s ability to hold his own alongside other talented artists.

The album also includes “Live At The Wake Up Show Pt. 1” and “Freestyle #1,” where Sly Boogy demonstrates his freestyle prowess. “I Love You Mama,” a touching tribute featuring Noelle* and produced by Focus, adds a personal and heartfelt dimension to the album.

The track “Jackin’ 4 Beats,” produced by King Tech, highlights Sly Boogy’s ability to flow effortlessly over diverse beats. “Clickclick (Booyaka),” featuring Saigon and produced by DJ Babu, is a hard-hitting collaboration, while “Walk With My Dogs,” produced by Jake One, adds to the gritty narrative.

“Live At The Wake Up Show Pt. 2” and “Freestyle #2” continue showcasing Sly Boogy’s improvisational skills. “One Nite Stand,” produced by DJ Babu*, and “Sashay,” produced by Jake One, further display his versatility. The track “Summer Time (Show Me Love),” produced by King Tech, offers a lighter, more laid-back vibe.

“Haters,” also produced by King Tech, addresses the naysayers with sharp lyrics and a catchy hook. The album closes with “Freestyle #3,” cementing Sly Boogy’s reputation as a formidable freestyler.

Executive produced by Sway & King Tech, “Judgement Day” is a testament to Sly Boogy’s (Timothy Dean Martin) talent. The album’s production, handled by a talented array of producers, complements Sly Boogy’s unique style, making it a significant contribution to the genre and a testament to the rich musical heritage of early 2000s hip hop.