Rup Dog - Shitty Kruchaphino Kross Da Don

Rup Dog – Shitty Kruchaphino Kross Da Don

August 26, 2003

Download music album Shitty Kruchaphino Kross Da Don by Rup Dog, released on August 26, 2003. ℗ Goodfella Records

Rup Dog - Shitty Kruchaphino Kross Da Don

1 Rup Dog Who (Skit) 00:38
2 Rup Dog Da Wait Is Over 02:02
3 Rup Dog Da King Is Back 04:17
4 Rup Dog Courthouse I (Skit) 00:15
5 Rup Dog Streets In My Blood 03:26
6 Rup Dog Courthouse II (Skit) 01:06
7 Rup Dog Steal My Shine 03:25
8 Rup Dog The Truth (Skit) 00:14
9 Rup Dog, C-Bo, Young Meek West Coast Bangin 03:48
10 Rup Dog, JDK, Messy Marv, San Quinn SF To Sac 03:41
11 Rup Dog, Bueno, Mac Dre, Mistah FAB Bosses Will Be Boss 05:19
12 Rup Dog Headshook 04:28
13 Rup Dog, JDK Sac Kings 03:45
14 Rup Dog, Bad Business No Shopping Spree 03:56
15 Rup Dog, Young Savage Ride Out 03:13
16 Rup Dog, JDK Only Life I Know 03:46
17 Rup Dog It’s Like A Jungle 02:57
18 Rup Dog Reality I (Skit) 00:15
19 Rup Dog, JDK, Liq Life In Vain 04:56
20 Rup Dog Reality II (Skit) 00:20
21 Rup Dog Callin Me 03:57
22 Rup Dog Game Tight 04:05

Album info

“Shitty Kruchaphino Kross Da Don” is an assertive album from US-based artist Rup Dog, released under Goodfella Records on August 26, 2003. Displaying the gritty themes of Gangsta and Thug Rap, the album marks a distinct moment in Rup Dog’s career, emphasizing his robust lyricism and pulsating beats.

With an intriguing blend of music and narrative skits, the album opens with “Who (Skit),” followed by the fiery “Da Wait Is Over” and “Da King Is Back.” This potent sequence sets the mood for the album, demonstrating Rup Dog’s distinctive style and proficiency in his craft.

The album also provides glimpses into Rup Dog’s experiences with skits like “Courthouse I” and “Courthouse II,” sandwiching the track “Streets In My Blood.” Here, Rup Dog confronts his challenging past, delivering heartfelt lyrics over compelling beats. “Steal My Shine” continues this reflective theme, before transitioning to “The Truth (Skit).”

Featured guests like C-Bo and Young Meek on “West Coast Bangin” and JDK, Messy Marv, and San Quinn on “SF To Sac” enrich the album’s dynamic range. The standout track, “Bosses Will Be Boss,” sees Rup Dog collaborating with Bueno, Mac Dre, and Mistah FAB, resulting in an electrifying anthem.

Further into the album, Rup Dog continues his introspective journey with tracks like “Headshook,” “Sac Kings,” “No Shopping Spree,” and “Ride Out.” The song “Only Life I Know” features JDK, contributing to the overall depth of the album.

The last few tracks, including “It’s Like A Jungle,” “Life In Vain,” and “Callin Me,” showcase Rup Dog’s undeniable authenticity and mastery of hip-hop storytelling. The final track, “Game Tight,” provides a resonant conclusion to the album.

“Shitty Kruchaphino Kross Da Don” is a testament to Rup Dog’s ability to create compelling narratives within the gritty realism of Gangsta and Thug Rap. Born Rupert Carter, Rup Dog demonstrates his raw talent and formidable voice, ensuring his place in the hip-hop pantheon.

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